In our Breaking 200 Course, we interview Pastors who successfully led their churches through breaking the 200 Barrier. Here’s what four of them had to say about what was critical to Breaking the 200 Barrier.


J.R. Lee from Freedom Church in Atlanta says pastors must…

“Know that Jesus wants to reach your city more than you do.That will give you greater confidence as you lead which causes people to buy into you and the vision you are setting before them.”

Brian Warth from Chapel of Change in California says two keys to breaking 200 were…

“Developing leaders who can lead teams of people and learning to leverage the momentum of big days.”

Mark Pangel from 4 Point Church in South Carolina said…

“Change always hurts, but I think every pastor and every believer period should ask themselves, “How much do I really want this,” because that’s the change we have to go through. At the point that we say, “I don’t want it, I really don’t want to go through a change this season,” that’s cool, but really don’t expect God to bless your church. They’re going to go hand in hand.”

Todd Tolston from Riverview Community Church says…

“Breaking 200 (and now 500) has allowed our Church to hire multiple staff, which means I don’t do everything myself, and can spend more time doing the things that only I can do…AND spend more time with family.”

When we set out to create an online course, we knew it needed to contain at least three things.

  1. Practical coaching. We love theory and philosophy, but pastors are already busy enough. So we made sure the 23 coaching videos got right to the point.
  2. Resources to help you take action. You don’t just need information…you need the actual resources and documents. So we loaded it up with more than 40 usable documents.
  3. Advice from real pastors who have been there. We didn’t want to create the academic course, taught by people who used to know what worked. That’s why we interviewed several real pastors who successfully led their church through this growth barrier.  Those interviews are a part of the course.

The Breaking 200 Course is full of practical coaching, actionable resources, and advice from leaders who have already been where you want to go.  The course is a seven-month journey toward healthy growth and is the perfect roadmap.

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