The Senior Pastor's Guide to Reopening

When we all realized COVID-19 was going to impact church services, we responded quickly. In a matter of days, we made tough decisions, moved services online, figured out a new technology suite, stopped doing some things, and started doing other things.

Phase one was all about response. Now, we’re looking to reopen. That’s phase two.

Inside you'll find…

When to Reopen

In this guide, you’ll see a list of questions you should ask, best practices to consider, and ideas to explore.

How to Reopen

A lot of factors will go into your decision about when to reopen. But once that decision is made, it’s likely the hard work is just beginning.


When your church does decide to reopen, especially if you’re among the first, you’ll want to be prepared to answer questions that people will have.

I'm the pastor of a one year old church plant in Nashville. Thank you for what you do. Many of your resources have been helpful to us. We are averaging between 500-600 in attendance per week, so being able to build systems quickly utilizing your tools has been a lifesaver for us on more than one occasion!

Travis Garner


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