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A few of our members' favorite resources…

The Two-Page Plan®

With a section for each of the most important areas to clarify in your church, the Two-Page Plan resource helps you get your church on the same page and moving in the same direction.

Annual Calendar

Use the Annual Calendar to take a high-level view of your church’s most important events each month of the year guided by categories that help you plan sermon series, volunteer training, team meetings, and more.

Church Service Evaluation Form

Review your church service the way an outsider would or give this form to an outsider to use. It includes a rating scale to evaluate various areas in your church and important questions to ask about the service.

Personal Growth Plan

The Personal Growth Plan is a simple PDF that helps you take charge of your own leadership development and be intentional about your goals. Use it to write down and track your progress on practices that contribute to your personal growth.

Weekly Review

The Weekly Review resource guides you through reviewing the previous week and setting a game plan for the week ahead. It includes space for your most critical action steps, outcomes, and more.

Ministry Action Plan

The Ministry Action Plan puts your church’s most important objectives on one page that you can share with your leadership team, staff, and key volunteers. It’s simple, easy to edit, and great to revisit as priorities and goals change in your church.

Staff Evaluation

The Staff Evaluation form prompts your team to evaluate their ministry’s strengths and accomplishments and opens up conversations about their personal, spiritual, and professional challenges. Used monthly, this resource is a powerful tool for identifying opportunities and weaknesses in staff and their ministries.

You'll also find these resources, and more.

Announcement Framework 

Annual Calendar

Automated Emails

Church Emergency Procedures Church Plan

Communications Calendar

Confidentiality Agreement

Counseling Confidentiality Agreement

Class Outline Example

New Member Covenant

Small Group Leader Application

Incident Report

Budget Codes

Church Budget Template

First Time Donation Sequence

First Time Giver Letter

Funding Plan

Giving Tracker

Monthly Financial Report

Ten Giving Scripts

Year End Giving Letter

Staff Job Description Template

Worship Team Application

12 Stone Personnel Handbook

Church Meeting Cadence

Hiring System Ebook

Keystone Ministries

Leadership Pipeline

Minister’s Housing Allowance

Monthly Staff Evaluation

One Day Retreat Agenda

One Page Job Description

Org Chart Template

Personal Growth Plan

Purpose & Mission Worksheet

Quarterly Staff Evaluation

Roles and Goals Worksheet

Speaking Agreement 

Email Subject Line Ideas

Event Planning Checklist

Guest Musician Expectations 

Guest Speaker Confirmation 

Ministry Action Plan 

Ministry/Program Evaluation 

Newsletter eBlast Guide 

Preaching Calendar

Resignation Agreement

Secret Shopper Evaluation Form 

Series Planning Checklist 

Special Event Evaluation

Style Guide

Website Evaluation Form 

Weekly Flash Report

Weekly Report Spreadsheet

 Weekly Review

Worship Policies and Procedures 

Announcement Slides

Church Service Evaluation 

Connection Card Template

Scream Your Point

Secret Shopper Evaluation Form 

Sermon Evaluation Form

Sermon Frame

If there’s a resource you need, we’ll create it for you. All you have to do is ask, and we will find it or make it for you. This is one way we continually serve our members and keep our resource library fresh.