At some point, every leader longs to find a silver bullet for their church’s financial issues. It seems as if there is always more month left than money to pay for it. If you find yourself shaking your head yes in solidarity, then Episode 19 of the Strategic Ministry Solutions Podicast is for you.

We want to introduce you to Brian Dodd, Director of New Ministry Relationships for Injoy Stewardship in Atlanta, GA as he joins us to discuss how to be financially strategic in your church.

Listen here to our conversation with Brian.

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Brian’s book, The 10 Indispensable Practices of the 2-Minute Leader

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Practical Action Steps You Can Take

  1. Model Stewardship. You must lead the way and be the picture of the desired destination others want to be when they arrive. To model stewardship means you live on a budget and give generously. A good leader will never ask others to do what he or she isn’t willing to do themselves.
  2. Preach on money twice a year. If you aren’t speaking about what the Bible says about generosity of time, talent and treasure, you are missing an opportunity to disciple your people. After all, people respond to biblical teaching. Brian recommends including messages on generosity twice a year, once in January and one in the fall.
  3. Systems beat silver bullets every time. Brian defines a system as anything you do twice. It’s the documented, written-down, process of how you will do XYZ. For example, if you take up the offering every week, you have a process for doing so. He encourages implementing an annual funding calendar and having giving systems to educate your people on personal finance, how to give for the first time, and gift digitally.

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