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101 Church Ideas


An insanely practical PDF, with 101 ideas to inspire your church. You’ll find outreach ideas, discipleship ideas, volunteer ideas, social media ideas, and more.


31 Essential Church Docs

$99 $79


Churches need systems, strategies, processes, and documents. In fact, getting organized might be one of the keys to actually accomplishing that mission. This digital download comes with 31 professionally created documents, spreadsheets, flowcharts or templates to help you organize and streamline church operations. You’ll find documents to help you with finances, follow up, planning, HR, and communications.


Evaluation Forms



This digital download comes with seven professionally designed forms to help you evaluate key areas in your church. The forms are ready to use, but if you want to make changes, you’ll get the original files and license to edit for your church. In addition, you’ll get a coaching video, suitable to watch with your team on how to use these forms to create a culture of continual improvement in your church.


Team Alignment Toolkit



The Toolkit comes with three videos and seven resources to help you get your team on the same page, keep them aligned on what’s most important, and help them grow in skill and commitment. Every team – staff, leaders, or Elders, will benefit from these practical exercises and training. 

Streamline (PDF)



Streamline is a practical book to help you create healthy systems in your church. Each chapter in this book gives you the guidance and action steps you need. You’ll get real tools to help you plan, organize and lead your church.

The Follow-Up Course



The Follow-Up Course will help you create, improve, and launch effective follow-up processes to help guests, givers, and new believers get connected in your church. You'll get tools and templates to follow up effectively. 

Breaking 200

» $397 One Time
» $79/month for 7 months


What would your church look like with 200 people engaged every week? If you're struggling to lead your church to break the 200 barrier, you don't need more vision, inspiration, or leadership lessons. You need a plan. The Breaking 200 Course is that plan. It has practical coaching and time-saving resources to help you lead your church to healthy growth.

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