Unify your team.

Write it down.

Grow the church.

The Strategic Planning Workshop is a one-day workshop to help you create a strategic plan that is clear, unifying, and designed for extraordinary results.  It's December 4, 2019 at 12 Stone Church in Atlanta, Georgia.

Stop being an overwhelmed and tired leader and start making a more significant impact.

If you're frustrated that your vision is taking too long to become a reality. If you're overwhelmed, trying to execute ideas that never get further than an agenda topic. If you want to make a difference, but you can't seem to get traction or let alone momentum, then this might be just what you need for this reason…

Without a written strategic plan, your church…

Will see every opportunity as an obligation, saying “yes” to good things that are off-mission

Will wear people out with too much vision

Will rely too heavily on the good and overreact to the bad.

Will go from busy to burnout

Will deploy its limited resources in unwise, inefficient ways

Will see confusion become apathy and momentum become stalled.

Strategy should be CORE to your progress. Yet oftentimes, we fall into a routine and realize that, while we’re crazy busy, we can no longer define the end goal.

Helping You Put Feet to Vision

Vision brings a concept into reality, a reality that impacts communities, cities, and even the world. You may have the will and inspiration, but you need more. 


An extraordinary vision needs a clear, systematic strategy that includes a starting point and plan of execution to maximize your resources with clarity and effectiveness.


Often we're too close to the vision to plan the project objectively. We overlook the obvious, miss essential steps, and unnecessarily prolong the process.

This breeds overwhelm, confusion, and wasted time-time that could be used to make a difference.

Real, practical tactics,

not “feel-good” inspiration.

There are plenty of books, conferences, and resources about dreaming audacious dreams and casting a big vision.  But let’s face it, God has already given you a God-sized vision, and you’re plenty inspired.

Too many churches jump from vision to tactics, omitting one of the most critical steps.  If you skip strategy, you’ll run from idea to idea and never get traction.

What to Expect

A focused day to work on your church, not in your church

Teaching sessions that will provide a framework

Tools you can immediately use and take back to your teams.

A repeatable process you can use year after year

Time with other leaders from healthy and growing churches

Workshop Overview

Throughout the one-day workshop, we will give you and your team step-by-step direction on critical strategic topics and provide you with time to develop your written plan.


  • Overview of the six components of  an effective strategic plan
  • Uncovering your unique calling and context
  • Defining your target and building your 3-5 year goals
  • Understanding the ministry lifecycle
  • Communicating your plan in a compelling way
  • Building a reinforcement rhythm

Bring your vision into reality; a reality that impacts communities, cities, and even the world.

Meet Our Presenters


 Jenni is a former Executive Director of two growing churches and now leads The 4Sight Group.  She’s helped churches from coast to coast develop strategic plans.


Michael is a former pastor and the founder of Church Fuel, an organization committed to providing insanely practical resources to churches.

Both Michael and Jenni will lead each session and provide hands-on guidance to you and your team throughout the workshop.

Is this for you?

This workshop isn't exclusive to pastors. We invite and encourage church leaders and groups of all kinds to participate in this extremely valuable exercise.

This workshop is for…

  • Senior Pastors who want to lead the church to healthy growth
  • Executive Pastors who want to align their  team(s) around strategy and see more effective execution.
  • Leadership teams who are ready to streamline ministries and programs in order to reach more people.
  • Churches that want to effectively connect with their calling to ministry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the hosts?

Jenni Catron and Michael Lukaszewski will lead the sessions, and you’ll have time to work with your team.

What is the schedule?

We will start at 8:30 am and finish at 4pm on December 4, with a break for lunch on your own. The 20th Catalyst Conference starts on the evening of October 2 and many of our churches will participate.

What hotels are nearby?

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What people from my church should attend?

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We are here to offer hope and help.

We are inviting twenty church teams to spend a full day working on your strategic growth plan.  

We’ll take your team through an extensive exercise to build a strategic plan that is deeply embedded in your organization and becomes an overflow of your daily work.  Strategy shouldn’t be an add on; it should define everything you do.

December 4, 2019

12 Stone Church in Lawrenceville, GA

Jenni Catron & Michael Lukaszewski

How much?
$1,000 per team (up to 4 people from the same church)