Your Church Needs an Effective Strategy

Your church has goals… things you wish would happen, what about a plan.

You may have a tagline or a slogan, but that’s not really a strategy.

You probably have some curriculum, a few technology tools, and a calendar of events.

But why do things still feel disjointed?

Strategy answers the HOW question. It’s an intentional look at what a win looks like. It factors in audience and channel, then gets right to the heart of how to win.

It’s the playbook, game plan, and operating procedures that bridge the gap between passion and plans. It’s how to transform ideas into execution.

The last thing your church probably needs right now is another technology tool or program idea. In fact, you may have spent the last couple of years chasing tactics.

It’s time to create a comprehensive, church-wide, simple-to-follow strategy.

Here are some of our best resources on this topic.

7 Problems with Your Church’s Digital Strategy

7 Problems with Your Church’s Digital Strategy

Like so many, I remember thinking there would be a few weeks of disruption to our church services before we could get back to normal.  To deal with the rapid change, we looked for new…

Church Fuel Podcast: Digital Strategy with Nona Jones – Part 1

Church Fuel Podcast: Digital Strategy with Nona Jones – Part 1

Guest: Nona Jones  Nona Jones is recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts on building The Kingdom through social technology and motivating thousands of church leaders each year to reimagine social media as a…

Creating a Strategic Ministry Annual Plan for Your Church

Creating a Strategic Ministry Annual Plan for Your Church

Starting a new year won’t necessarily solve any of the problems or challenges your church is facing.   Even with the natural sense of optimism people have in January, your church, programs, ministries, financial situation, lack…

Running an Annual Planning Retreat for Your Church

Running an Annual Planning Retreat for Your Church

Most churches have meetings and retreats. And if the people attending those meetings and retreats were honest, they would say they were not as effective as they should be. In fact, you might even hear…

Your Church Needs a Business Plan

Your Church Needs a Business Plan

The church is so much more than a business. And pastors aren't just professionals. But there are times when the church acts like a business and times when a pastor needs to act like a…

What Does the Bible Say About Planning?

What Does the Bible Say About Planning?

Confession: I used to hate planning. I didn’t like planning sessions, meetings, or anything having to do with planning, especially when it came to the church.  Leadership felt more intuitive and spiritual leadership felt more…

How to Get Your Team on the Same Page

You can have a clear purpose and an important mission, but if your team isn’t on the same page, you’ll exert a ton of energy but not move forward. In this free training, we’ll show you how to get every staff member, team leader, and even volunteers on the same page and working toward the same goal.

The Senior Pastor's Guide 

We put this together to give you some practical and actionable ideas to reach more people in your churches (as well as outside of them). We want you to be and feel fully equipped to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In this guide, you'll read about…

  • Reaching More People
  • Leading Staff
  • Leading Volunteers
  • Stewardship
  • Breaking Growth Barriers

and more.

We provide insanely practical resources for leaders of normal-sized churches.

You're called to pastor your church. We're called to take care of you.

In the face of overwhelming challenges and opportunities, it can be tough to know where to focus. A personalized plan perfectly designed to help you overcome your current challenge.
Practical and actionable training for you and your team to take at your own pace: topics like leadership, follow-up, volunteers, increasing regular giving, and more.

Instant access to more than 200 documents, resources, and templates plus the ability to ask for anything you need. You don't have to start with a blank page.

Get 24 breakdowns and ministry insight videos to help you apply the lessons from helpful business and leadership books to the context of your church.

Work with other pastors to accomplish something specific each month. It's practical and actionable support and cohort-learning.
Real-time learning from qualified instructors on meaningful topics – you or anyone from your team can take as many as you want.
Book a call with any of our coaches to talk through any issue you're facing in your church. We're not just FOR you, we're WITH you.


Streamline will help you create healthy systems in your church. Each chapter gives you the guidance and action steps you need. You'll get real tools to help you plan, organize, and lead your church.

What People Are Saying about Church Fuel

“I have been so blessed by this community. You will never know how much I needed these resources, words of encouragement, prayers, and just a place to come and lay out what's on my mind from time to time. I love being able to share with all of you. Thank you for serving together, and the fact that there is a spirit of working together and not of competition. Everything around me is so competitive that it is hard to fellowship with other pastors. Y'all are a Godsend. I thank the Lord he directed me here. Thank you from the depths of my heart. “

Rob Watts

Columbus West Church
Columbus, OH

“If you're on the fence and you're thinking I don't know if this is for me, come join the community. The relationships you'll build with people that are a little bit further ahead from you are so incredible, and the relationships with people that may be a little bit further behind you, because we all know that we learn more from teaching others, often times than we do when we're being taught something. So it's an opportunity for you to both receive and give in this community and it's exciting. Ministry's hard. And doing it alone is even harder. So the Church Fuel community is a big piece of me not feeling all alone in doing ministry. Even though I have a team that I work with here locally, it's great to have other folks and other voices outside of our team locally and that's what Church Fuel is for me.”

Jeremy Self

The Church at Lake Travis
Austin, TX

“Church Fuel is an integral part to my personal leadership development, giving me specific items to work through in our staff and church. Our staff team became aligned to the same goals and we worked intentionally through them strengthening our team, culture, and systems. Not only would I say we have a healthier church culture, but I've greater confidence in what I'm doing and know specifically what to work on.”

Lawrence Huey

Epicentere West Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA

We built Church Fuel for pastors of normal-sized churches

We don't use the term “small churches.” Because you're not small, you're normal-sized. You're showing up everyday, working hard to reach people and help them grow in their faith.

You don't have to be a mega-church to make an impact in your community. You need passion and vision and calling, for sure. But you also would benefit from systems, strategy, and practical best-practices.

Church Fuel will bring real-world training and resources to pastors and church leaders just like you. We're not just for you…we're with you.

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