An insanely practical book to help you create healthy church systems

Streamline will help you create healthy systems in your church. Each chapter gives you the guidance and action steps you need. You'll get real tools to help you plan, organize, and lead your church.
Three Sections of Insanely Practical Training

Section One

We will talk about calendars and planning. Many of the steps in this book are built on these fundamental ideas.


Section Two

We will talk about organizing and aligning your leaders. You’ll find helpful steps whether you have a large staff or a small team, or whether your staff consists of full- time employees or mostly volunteers.


Section Three

We will turn our attention to communication, both internal and external. You’ll see how many of these steps intersect with the calendar.

After twenty years in ministry, I’ve learned passion isn’t enough.

You can have a clear mission, but without organization you won’t get everyone moving in the right direction. You can preach the vision, but if you don’t have a clear path ready for people, your vision talk will be just talk. That’s because you’re knee deep in a system problem.

I’ve spoken to hundreds of church leaders about what’s working and what’s not working in their churches. And I’ve seen firsthand what can happen when systems, strategies, and tools intersect with a Spirit-led congregation.

Better preaching and more vision won’t solve all the problems in your church. Systems problems can only be solved by creating and implementing healthy systems.

I have the ebook of Streamline, and I must say, it is a game changer. I have it on my laptop, tablet and phone. Every chance I have I read it. I am not even finished with it yet, and it already gave such great vision.



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