Organize Everything in Your Church

Better preaching and more vision won’t solve all the problems in your church. This practical book will help you create systems to organize your church and streamline ministry.


Simply put, this is the best book on church systems I have ever read. If you want your church to be more effective, buy this book today!

Brian Dodd, Brian Dodd on Leadership
What You Will Accomplish When You Implement the Ideas in Streamline
  1. Align your church calendar around the things that are truly important in the ministry.
  2. Get your people in the right seat on the bus and ensuring everyone knows their roles, goals and next steps. get every ministry focused on the win and prevent sideways energy and misguided priorities.
  3. Know which ministries in your church deserve an “unfair advantage” and which ones should be phased out.
  4. Make talking about team performance and ministry effectiveness a normal part of your culture.
  5. Inspire staff, key leaders and volunteers to keep going and to keep giving, even when things get tough or times get busy.
  6. Learn how to cast vision for groups, giving and volunteering in a practical, tangible way that actually motivates people to get involved.


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You'll Get Three Bonuses

Twelve Ready-to-Use Documents and Resources.

Get immediate access to 12 documents, templates and files and start taking action. The book explains what to do and the resources give you a simple and clear next step.

Team Discussion Guide.

One great way to streamline your church is to involve others. The Team Edition comes with 5 copies of the paperback book and a team discussion guide. Read this book with staff or key leaders and create an action plan in your next team meeting.

Master Class Video Training.

The professionally-produced Master Class contains brand new teaching content for you and your team. You’ll get the inspiration and ideas you need, and I’ll lay out the perfect next step to help you streamline your church.

Church Fuel is helping me focus and providing incredible tools for our team to use. Spending my own personal money on this each month is well worth it.

Ronnie Whitfield

Church Fuel has re-engaged our team, given us fresh ideas, and offered deep insight into what guest are seeking. Church Fuel is an worthy investment into the future of your gatherings, and the ROI will be new people making Jesus Christ the Lord of their life

Reggie Horner

Church Fuel has been a Godsend for me and a constant companion to keep me motivated and feeling like “I Can”.

Michele Sheedy
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