Church Fuel One: Emails and Graphics to Share

On this page, you’ll find sample social media updates and graphics that make it easy for you to refer your friends.  Anytime someone joins because of your recommendation, we’ll send you a $75 Amazon gift card.

Text Message

The best way to refer a friend is just to send a quick text message. Just say something like, “Hey, I just joined this program and I thought it would be cool to go through it with you. Looks like it could help us both.”

Personal Email

You don’t need to be salesy or pushy to share Church Fuel One with your friends.  Just open up your personal email program and share something like this with pastors and church leaders you know:


Hey, it’s (your name).

I just signed up for a program called Church Fuel One and I thought of you.

It’s for people leading churches that want to grow.  I thought it would be cool to go through some of the courses at the same time and share what we’re learning with each other.

The program comes with 4 courses over the next year, plus a ton of documents and other resources.

Your Name

Mass Email

If you have an email list, here’s an email you can send. It’s still on the personal side, but it covers all the highlights and encourages people to click to the website.

Hey, it’s (first name),

I wanted to tell you about a resource I’m loving.  It’s called Church Fuel One.

It’s is a combination of really practical training, ready to use documents and templates, and membership in a community that understands what it’s like to lead a church.  I’m a member and I’m really loving how it’s helping our church.

They have a pretty sweet deal going on now, so I thought I’d share with you.  Here are the quick details.

  • You start with instant access to “Creating an Annual Plan” Course.  This will help you create a one page ministry plan for your church and get everyone on the same page.
  • Then, you’ll get  FOUR more insanely practical courses over the next 12 months. You’ll get them all as they are released. There are courses on volunteers, ministries, leadership, preaching and more.
  • You instant access to more than 70 docs and forms plus office hours and roundtables with their team.

On top of all that, it’s really affordable.  Just $45 a month with no contract.  Or $399 for a full year.

You can even add up to 10 people from your church at no additional cost.

Here’s the link to learn more and sign up.

I know you’ll love it.

(First Name)

Facebook Postrectangle










If you’re interested in leading a healthy and growing church, here’s an amazing resource.  It’s some really practical coaching, a ton of documents and resources, and a community of like-minded pastors who are ready to encourage you.  I’m a part of it and I think it could help you too.


  • Practical online coaching, ready to use documents and resources, plus one on one help when you need it.
  • Are you leading a church that wants to grow healthy?  This is so practical and so helpful:
  • I just joined Church Fuel One and I’d love to invite you to do the same.
  • Leading a church is hard. That’s why I’m so glad I found the Church Fuel community.  Come join us.


Here are some graphics you can use to share Church Fuel One.