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The Systems Course gives you the online training you need to create healthy operational systems in key areas of your church.

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What do you do when there is too much to do?


Your church feels like it's running on a treadmill – a lot of activity and movement, but no forward motion.

There are many things that need your attention. You run around from problem to problem, preaching a message on money when giving is bad, and making a desperate announcement when the volunteer needs have reached the tipping point.  

The problem is: you have too much to do.

YOU are the solution, whether it’s 9am on a Sunday morning or 10pm on a Thursday night.  And while you bear the weight of it all, you can’t help but think there’s a better way.

Truth be told, you’re probably feeling a little tired from solving the same problems over and over again.

Because everything needs your attention (and because many ministries need better systems) it’s tempting to do nothing at all – or to keep doing what you’ve been doing: to keep balancing all those ministry plates the best you can, and hope none of them hit the floor.

God is in charge and you’re just the messenger, but deep down, you know being a good steward involves your leadership, relationship and influence. You know better systems would help you be more effective.

Good systems will help you…

Have a proven plan to follow up with guests, get people connected, and fully fund your ministries.
Trust the proccesses you've put in place without needlessly changing everything in response to inevitable problems.
No need to micromanage or handhold your church leaders, because they know what matters, and they know what to do.

Better Systems = More Ministry.


How would your church benefit from more leaders and healthier systems? When your church has efficient systems and processes, you have room for more ministries – effective ministries.


When you have the proper systems in place, you won't feel like you're scrambling to solve problems. Instead, you can reclaim the time you spend troubleshooting to focus on powering your church mission forward.


Systems will enable you to empower more of your congregation to step up and lead. When more people are engaged and connected as leaders, they are even more blessed by the community of your church.

Michael Lukaszewski
Founder of Church Fuel


Meet the Instructor

After a decade in student ministry and six years as a church planter and pastor, Michael started Church Fuel to help churches add systems, processes, and strategy to their passion to reach people.  He’s been able to help hundreds of pastors and church leaders from churches of all sizes move forward on purpose. 

Building on his experience co-creating Giving Rocket and Fully Funded, in this course he will give you an insanely practical game plan to increase regular giving and create a culture of generosity in your church.

Introducing the Systems Course

The Systems Course is a 7-month online course to help you create, update and implement healthy systems in seven key areas in your church.  

The course comes with in-depth training videos you can watch alone or watch with your team, as well as all the resources and documents you need to take action.  You’ll learn what to do and we’ll help you take action

Simply put, we’ll show you what to do, and give you the tools to actually do it.  

Seven months from today, your church could be in a dramatically different place. You could have healthy systems in seven key areas that free you up to be the leader God has called you to be. You could lead with confidence in knowing there’s a stable system in place that will ultimately help you lead people to follow Jesus.

What do I get with the course:

  • Seven insanely practical videos covering the seven systems every church should have
  • An Action Guide to help you follow along with the course
  • Downloadable PDFs to help you take action with the things you learn
  • Tons of real-church examples

 More About the Course

The Systems Course will give you a roadmap to create and implement the systems you need to sustain growth. 

This course is designed to help your WHOLE CHURCH and gives you the resources you need to influence EVERY MINISTRY.

Module 1: Guest Follow Up

Module 2: Volunteers

Module 3: Assimilation 

Module 4: Preaching 

Module 5: Stewardship 

Module 6: Staffing & Structure


Module 7: Leadership 


When you finish the course, you will have systems in place that make your church run smoothly. With the right systems, you can reclaim your time and focus your efforts on growing your ministry.


Each module is insanely practical, pointing to actionable resources and tools to help you implement what you learn.

Two Ways to Get The Systems Course…

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Our giving is up 40% over this time last year.  Our attendance is up more than 50% over this time last year.  We have more people coming to Christ this year, than in any of our previous 3 years. And I feel like I owe a lot of that to the help I got from Church Fuel.

Todd Tolson
Riverview Community Church, California

Church Fuel’s Systems Course is worth the investment. Michael and the Church Fuel team do a great job of providing the opportunity and resources to focus and drill down into specific systems that will make the church healthier. The team here at CCC has definitely benefited from going through The Systems Course.

Dan McLaughlin
Community Congregational Church, Indiana

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the resources?

Every video, resource, and course component is accessed online on the private member’s website. You can access from any computer, phone or tablet with an internet connection.

How long will I have access to the videos and resources?

Your course will not expire; it’s yours forever.

Who is this for?

While any church leader will benefit from this course, it’s geared for pastors, church staff, or those in a leadership position at a local church.

Is there a return policy?

Every course, resource, or product we sell comes with our unconditional, 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, just contact us and we’ll take care of you. Because most of our products are digital products, we choose to trust church leaders and operate on the honor system.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Email anytime you have a question and someone from our team will be in touch.

Can others from my church participate?

If you're a Church Fuel member, absolutely. What you pay for membership covers as many people from your church as you need. In fact, we recommend you go through the training with other people and work on the exercises together. If you're choosing to purchase the course separately, you will not be able to add additional users to your account.

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