Six Questions Every Leader Should Ask

Six Questions Every Leader Should Ask

There's a great article from Andy Stanley in the 2014 Leadercast conference notebook.  

Here are Andy's six questions every leader should ask.

1.  Which gauges should we be watching?  

In the church world, it's pretty easy to measure attendance and giving, but those are trailing indicators.  You need to look at some gauges for leading indicators, too.

2.  Where are we manufacturing energy?  

Some things churches do drain resources without ever adding energy or success in the mission. Cut those things out, even if there are emotional attachments, and put that energy to things that truly matter.

3.  Who needs to be sitting at the table? 

You want strategic people in strategic meetings, regardless of their title and position.

4.  Who is not keeping up?  

This is a tough question to ask, but there might be someone who isn't growing with you as the church grows. It doesn't mean you need to get rid of them, but you might need to reassign or refocus them.

5.  Where do I make the greatest contribution to the organization?  

You need to do the things only you can do. If you're out of your zone, you're likely acting as a leadership lid.

6.  What should I stop doing?  

One of the best questions leaders can ask their team is “where do you need me less?” If you’re involved in everything, you’re making it all about you.

Do any of these questions resonate with you?  Which one do you need to ask yourself?  Which one do you need to ask your leadership team?

So What's Next?

You're supposed to develop leaders in your church, but where do you even start?

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