It’s one thing to ask your church members to invite their friends.

It’s something entirely different (and far more useful) to give them tools.  And when you do create a useful tool, don’t just make them available. Show people how to use them.

A simple invite card – something the size of a business card or a small flyer – is a cost effective way to equip your people to invite. These are some invite cards from Life.Church.


Something like this could be a great tool to equip your church to invite.

Give your church ideas on what to do with the cards.  Here’s a sample list you could share:

How to Use an Invite Card

  1. Hand them to people you meet and say “I’d love to invite you to my church.”
  2. Give them out in drive thru lanes.
  3. Put a stack at your office, store or place of work.
  4. Ask if you can set a stack out in a business that you frequent.
  5. Give them to neighbors, friends and co-workers.
  6. Leave them on tables at restaurants to invite your server (along with a crazy tip).
  7. Make a list of five people you know and seek them out.
  8. Ask God to give you an opportunity to give them out.
  9. Give them out in the lunchroom or before class begins.
  10. Keep a few in your wallet, purse, or car.

Giving people ideas is much better than making them available. So don’t just print them up and set them out. Show people how to use them.

Of course, this principle can apply to lots of other things in your church.

A few examples.

Don’t just make online giving available – do a screencast and show people how to use it.  Don’t just tell people to share on Facebook – pull up the website and show people where to go.  Don’t just tell people to fill out the card – take out an example and walk them through it.

Showing works better than telling.

Whether it’s a sermon, an email to the congregation, or a social media post, take the time to teach people how to use the invite tools you create.

So What’s Next?

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