Here are ten of our favorite apps for pastors and church leaders.

  1. Zoom. I switched from Google Hangouts and Skype to Zoom and it’s fantastic. It’s easy to schedule meetings and it’s easy to share screens and make recordings.
  2. Uber Conference. This is a great tool for teleconferences, and doesn’t require you to enter a hard-to-remember PIN from your phone.
  3. Feedly. Keeps track of websites and blogs easily. Just subscribe to all the sites you care about and read all the information in one place.
  4. Calendly. No more emailing back and forth to find an available time to meet. Just set your available times, and this little tool will make it easy for people to meet with you.
  5. Hello Sign. Sign and email documents without a pen. This could come in handy for contracts and agreements.
  6. BaseCamp3. The new Basecamp is the gold standard for project management. Create a project for a big event or special service and invite anyone you need to contribute. It’s the best way to keep everyone on the same page.
  7. Canva. You need to create graphics for social media and presentations, but you’re not a designer. has you covered. It’s a simple way to create nice-looking graphics.
  8. Evernote. I’ve written about Evernote before, but one new feature I’m currently enjoying is the Work Chat feature. It lets me keep work-related conversations separate from text messages.
  9. Tripit. This app has been around for a while, but it’s excellent for keeping track of all your travel information. Just email flight confirmations and hotel reservations and the app will keep track of your itinerary.
  10. It’s not really an app, but this can be a valuable resource for pastors. Run a design contest and get lots of entries. Choose the winner and you’ve got a nice looking design.  This is great for ebook covers, series graphics, ministry logos, etc.
  11. Bonus: Grammarly. It’s like a spell-checker on steroids. It checks for grammar, not just spelling.

If you’re looking for more great app ideas, download the Pastor’s Toolbox. It’s got 25 app recommendations and ideas for how to use them in ministry.



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