I love the quote, “A great question is better than the right answer to the wrong question.” A perfectly-timed question can lead you into seasons of powerful, personal growth.

Here are 10 questions for you to consider in your New Years planning. It may be that only one or two of them affects you in a meaningful way. No matter, use the questions to prompt you towards your action-oriented growth planning.

“A great question is better than the right answer to the wrong question.” Click To Tweet

1. What are your priorities (really)? 

If someone looked deeply into your life, they could see what your priorities truly are. Admit it. Is it sports, money, family, faith, health? What is it truly? And are they what they should be? Align your priorities with your life and with those in your life and watch the relational dynamics improve.

2. At the end of this year, what are the 3 things you want to have accomplished?  

There is a difference in doing and being. This question touches on both. Are there relationships that need to be restored? Is there the book that needs to be written? Is there a company that needs to be started? List them. Do them!

3. What is the one character issue in your life that needs to be addressed? 

For many of us, there is a secret character issue that continues to undermine us internally. We want to do this and that and yet this addiction or bad habit continually trips us up. Face it. Tell one person you trust about it so that it can come out into the light and stop bossing you around.

4. What is the one relationship that needs to be made right? 

Everyone of us have relationships that are not working. So far as it depends on you how can you be at peace with at least one person? Write that person down, make a plan, pray through it and decide when you will face the relational issue face-to-face.

5. Where has your influence declined with others and why?

At work or at home, is your influence diminishing? Ask yourself if those people believe that you are for them or do they think that you are for yourself or against them? Determine to fight for their highest possible good and be brave enough to face it.

6. What are you afraid of losing? 

Is it salary, control, respect, time, etc.? When you face your fear it will have less control over you.

7. What are the 3 things that you could do in January to help your spouse or family? 

This is a less heavy idea. Find three easy things you could do and just do them. For me it includes cleaning out the garage, putting on the new toilet seat, and organizing the attic. That would make my wife happy, which makes everyone happy!

8. Do people want to follow you or do they have to follow you? 

Ouch, this one could hurt. When you realize that people don’t really want to follow you, but do so in order to keep their jobs, it is painful. I want to be someone that people want to follow and have realized there are things that make it hard for them to do that. Let’s fix that.

9. Is this the year for you to resolve your issues with God and reconnect in a brand new way? 

For some, viewing God as the Heavenly Father is difficult because of their relationships to the dad. What if you made it a priority to get to know what God is really like versus what you think he is like? Try reading the Psalms as a way to connect.

10. Where do you need to invest more time in yourself to recharge on a daily, weekly and monthly basis? 

I notoriously give myself away to my family, our team or our clients ahead of myself. Every year I have to reset myself. Here I am again, resetting my morning devotions and my personal recharge. How do you recharge? Make a plan to insert that time back into your schedule.

Write down your thoughts, talk to someone who knows you well about some of your answers and draft a plan that is feasible, stretching and helpful for you and those around you.

These questions are from Jeremie Kubichek. Read more from Jeremie at his blog.

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