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Church Fuel Free

For the first time ever, we at Church Fuel have compiled our most popular free resources, our most timely free resources, and our most practical free resources, and put them in one place: Church Fuel Free.

Church Fuel Free comes with its own Resource Library, webinars, a free Online Course, and much more. No strings, no recurring fees, no contracts. Totally free, totally practical.

What's Included

As you might already know, Church Fuel membership offers total access to all of our Online Courses, our entire Resource Library, one-on-one Ministry Coaching, workshops together in Church Fuel Labs, a free subscription to The Pastor's Book Club, and all of our paid store products.

What we wanted from Church Fuel Free was to give you examples of each of these benefits, so you can have a glimpse into the life of a Church Fuel member.


You will get a free online course. It's called Data Fueled Church and will teach you everything you need to know about using data to make better ministry decisions.


You will get more than 10 of our most popular and most practical free resources. These resources will include eBooks, checklists, webinar replays, and more.


Every so often, we will host Ministry Roundtables and free webinars – exclusive to our Church Fuel Free subscribers – with our Founder and Ministry Coaches.


You will get all resources, videos, and recordings of all live webinars from our Know Your Community lab. In this lab, we generate a real report of your community and identify key characteristics that will support your ministry.


You will get a free book breakdown from The Pastor's Book Club. In the Pastor's Book Club, we take practical business strategy books, pull out the best ideas and concepts, and translate those to ministry and leadership.

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