The Easter Prep Checklist

The Easter Prep Checklist can help you ask the right questions as you begin to plan an impactful Easter service.

The checklist is organized by important Easter preparation categories—theme, promotion, church service, giving, and follow-up—with key to-dos provided for each category.

Review this checklist with your team and use it as a guide in planning the promotion, service, giving, and more.

How to use this free checklist

Download the Checklist

In addition to the important list of tasks, you’ll also find insanely practical questions to help you prepare for each part of your Easter service.

Customize for Your Church

Every church is different, so use the checklist as a template for where to get started and apply the parts that suit your church’s situation and needs.

Share It With Your People

Share the resource with your team of staff and volunteers and work together to plan an impactful Easter service.

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You don't have to do it alone.

Let us help you plan Easter. This checklist will cover…


What type of theme can we use to connect Scripture, spiritual needs, and visual?


How will we inform potential online and/or in-person attendees and equip our people to promote and invite?

Church Service

Which details and decisions do we need to confirm and who needs to be informed?


How will we connect our offering time with our mission and intentionally emphasize the importance of giving?


How will we follow up with important groups in our church in a personal way that appreciates them and offers clear next steps?

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