It’s popular.

I know you’ve been taught you should go where the people are.

And yes, social media provides a great opportunity to connect and engage.

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Why shouldn’t you use Snapchat? Here are three reasons.

#1 – You don’t HAVE TO engage on every channel.

Just because something is popular doesn’t mean your church needs to go there.  An opportunity is not the same thing as an obligation.  Fail to realize this and you’ll busy yourself with every option available to you and miss out on true impact.

This week, another “must have” social media app will make it’s debut.  And soon, it will fade away. That’s why you don’t have to jump at the chance to use whatever is new.

Choose strategies don’t chase fads.

#2 – It’s not a great platform for searchable, sharable content.

The initial draw for Snapchat is that you could post video for your friends and it would disappear.  That makes it fun.  That keeps it current.

If you have a limited amount of time, why not invest in creating content people can share freely across multiple channels?

But if you have a limited amount of time, why not invest in creating content people can share freely across multiple channels?  Not content that’s just viewable to your followers, but content that reaches people in your community and can be shared to a wider audience.

If you have limited time and resources to create social content, a channel like Facebook – where people can share not just consume – might be better stewardship.

#3 – The app has a questionable background and purpose.

One of the big reasons Snapchat was created was so people could send inappropriate pictures. That’s not to say other technologies are created for more glorious purposes – that’s not true either.

But if you choose to avoid Snapchat because of its questionable use, you’re not a prude. It’s a completely legitimate reason that you don’t need to justify to anyone.  If it’s a matter of your conscience, don’t let others make you feel “holier-than-thou” if you chose to opt out.

Joining Snapchat might be a part of your strategy to connect with people, but you don’t need to chase it just because it’s popular.

Remember…an opportunity is not an obligation.

So What’s Next?

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There are many, many more things you can share with your people and your community through your social media platform. These are just a few ideas to get you started. Have more ideas? Let us know.

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