I love watching sermons online. Churches really have stepped up their game with online services and the technology makes it great. Honestly, it feels like you’re there.
We’re also a part of a small group through our church. That’s where we connect with others. That’s where a big church becomes a small church for us, but we still go to the church building on Sunday morning. And one of the big reasons is our kids.
Every week, we drop our kids off with a few volunteers and head to the adult worship service. While we sing, give, and listen to a sermon, our kids do the same thing. Just on their level. After about an hour, we pick them up and we always ask the same two questions. And always in this order.
I’m not sure where we learned to ask these questions, and I’m sure the reason we ask them in this particular order should be the topic of a counseling session, but it’s always the same two questions.
  • Question #1:  Did you have fun?
  • Question #2:  What did you learn?
We’ve been taking our children to church for 13 years now, and for at least 10 of them, it’s been those two questions every Sunday morning. And I’ve talked to other parents and they ask the same questions, usually in that same order. We want to know if our kids had a good time, and then we want to know what they learn.
It’s as if we know kids need to have a good time and need to have fun and need to feel safe before they will learn anything.
There are too many kid's environments filled with truth and Bible and Jesus but lacking in fun and happy and safety. And because all the focus is on the former with little thought to the later, kids get neither.
Children’s ministry shouldn’t be entertainment, but it should be entertaining.  
Because when we help kids laugh, we can help kids learn. When they have a good time, they are more likely to learn about Jesus.
This is one of the reasons I’m such a fan of the Orange movement. It’s intentionally fun so both parents and volunteers can intentionally lead children to follow Jesus with their lives. You'll also want to register for The Orange Conference .

So, What's Next?

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