Writing a great mission statement is important.

But actually using it might even be more important.

A clear mission statement is a big step to experiencing church growth.

Our friends at Emergence in New Jersey sent me pictures of some ways they use their mission statement around their facility.

Your mission statement is an important sentence, so you should look for every opportunity to display it and talk about it. These are some great ideas.

#1 – Put Your Mission Statement on Banners

I love the design but even more, I love what the design communicates…their mission. Signs are a great opportunity to communicate why it is that you exist.

#2 – Put Your Mission Statement on Your Church Website

Their mission statement is right below the big banner on their website. I love this. Too many times, we spend a long time creating mission statements but don’t push it out to our digital spaces. This is a simple way to use it in an often visited space.

# 3 – Put Your Church Mission Statement on Your Church Building

Here’s the mission statement put right on the wall in their facility. Again, this is a great idea.

#4 – Print Your Mission Statement in Your Bulletin

Your bulletin or handout is another great place to talk about your mission and vision. Instead of filling it up with announcements, take some space to talk about why you exist and what you’re about. Sure, regulars will see it over and over again. But it’s really important, particularly to guests.

Once you've got a great mission or vision statement, make sure you look for every opportunity to use it.

What's Next?

Feel like your church should be growing, but it's not? From someone who used to be a pastor and church planter, I know it can be frustrating.

Ultimately, church growth is up to God. But are we doing everything we can to ensure our church is healthy? How do we overcome the barriers we feel are in front of us?

We know you care deeply about leading a healthy growing church because it means leading more people to Jesus. That's why we created a free guide to breaking barriers to bring clarity and help begin to alleviate your frustrations.

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