a proven program that shows you how to transform your volunteer ministry in only 90 days even if you’ve struggled for years to raise up volunteers.

This insanely practical course is an affordable solution that will get you the results you’ve always wanted.

Here's Who We've Worked With
Join other pastors who have taken advantage of this program and mastered their volunteer programs, reduced burnout, and established a strong foundation of volunteers that will last for years to come.


You can avoid the quicksand of volunteer burnout. There are some powerful insights that have helped pastors just like you ensure volunteer burnout is a thing of distant memory. Discover the secrets that have helped churches all over the country:

  • Even if you feel that your volunteer ministry is your weakest
  • Even if you have no idea how to spread the responsibility among your volunteers when only a chosen few seem truly reliable
  • Even if your church is small
  • Even if you feel you’ve tried everything


Our attendance has gone up as well as our offerings! We’re getting ready to hire our first staff (non-volunteer) member. That’s a milestone for us. There will be others.

Paul Carrasco, Pleasant Valley Church
We've Spent Hundreds of Hours and Who Knows How Much Energy Trying to Stabilize Volunteer Programs


What does your dream scenario look like?

How many volunteers would you have? How would they be managed? Where would they be serving in your church? How would they be rotating? Who would be in charge of recruiting more volunteers?

Okay, stop.

Now, being honest with yourself, are you exhausted? Do you have any hope for your volunteer program or have you resigned yourself to just accept it as is?

Our team at Church Fuel is built with the sole purpose of serving the church and pastors. Collectively we have decades of experience serving in the local church as pastors, volunteers, and leaders. We’ve spent hundreds of hours building out dozens of resources to help pastors like you. 

Why reinvent the wheel, when you can lean on the learnings and expertise of others?

We all know the feeling of waking up and getting a text from another volunteer saying something to the effect of, it’s not you, it’s me. Or “I just need a break.” It’s gut wrenching. It is just plain hard. The temporary despair at yet another setback can suck the wind right out of your sails.

We’ve seen it happen more times than we can count.

It was in these moments that the beginnings of this particular resource came to light. It was little moments and text messages like that which allowed us to make a change. To discover a volunteer system that doesn’t rely on burning people out to succeed. It’s not a short fuse that leads people to “taking a break.”

It’s systematic, intentional and repeatable. We’ve had churches that have used this program and ended up with TOO MANY volunteers. We didn’t even know that was a thing. Turns out you can have too many volunteers.

A practical process can open doors you didn’t even know were there.

Here’s what volunteers won’t tell you…

Often, volunteers can’t tell you why or how they’re getting burned out. But we can.

This is especially true in smaller churches. There are some people in your church that are gungho about the mission and vision. They are 100% on board with everything you church is doing so they dive in head first. They’ll jump at any opportunity you offer for them to help.

The problem starts when you both fail to realize that you cannot continue to ask from them. They offer to help, you ask, it’s an unending cycle. Over and over and over again. They want to help so they give until they can give no more.

That’s thoughtful, and probably helpful for you, but it is NOT sustainable and it WILL lead to burnout one way or another.

Pastors rarely say, “ENOUGH,” or, “why don’t you take a break,” or “let’s try some new faces.” What if you created repeatable systems that lean on a wide variety of people to succeed, not the same old faces (as great as they undoubtedly are)?

Like it or not, you are likely putting an undue amount of pressure on a few key volunteers.

It isn’t sustainable.

It’s okay to be nervous. You don’t have any other people to rely on right now.

What can you do to change it?

Most pastors take that burden upon themselves. They hold a meeting, they badger their staff, or make a small announcement about it. So you’ve tried those and it didn’t work, now what?

Doubt creeps in.

No one wants to help

Do we have enough people in the church to even consider asking for more volunteers?

How do I get people more involved?

Bad news. One of our biggest worries as a church is that people aren’t engaging or even coming. It’s a real worry. Your messages are great, but things don’t quite seem to be happening like you thought or hoped or dreamed.

This is an inflection point where people give up. It is what it is. God giveth and taketh.

That’s true, God is ultimately in control. But, what if there was more you could do? What if God has equipped you for this moment, but you need the help of others to unlock what it is God has in store? What if your visions and dreams are still possible, but it looks different than you expected? Are you open to what God wants to do in your ministry when it doesn’t look like you hope?

How are we supposed to recruit and train more volunteers when no one has really ever taught us how to do it? You can undoubtedly find some ideas on Google and other sites, but isn’t there a better way?

There is and we’ve used it in our churches and we’ve seen other pastors around the country have immense success with the same program. We can help you change your volunteer program from barely there to thriving.

You’ll be amazed at the results:

  • Less volunteers burning out
  • More people asking to be involved in serving
  • Setting yourself up for success because you have intentional, repeatable processes in place

We’ve tested and shared this course with hundreds of pastors already. We packaged up all the insights and lessons from years of hands-on ministry experience. 

We’re ready to share it with you and it’s on sale until the end of the day



Yes, I want to Recruit Volunteers Fast


so I can implement a reliable, repeatable process for my volunteer program.
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What to Expect from This Course
Identify the Needs

You will identify how many volunteers you actually need and where you need them

Equip Volunteers

You will equip every volunteer with a clear job description

Execute Recruitment Plan

You will plan and execute a volunteer recruitment plant of money.

Here are the materials you'll get instant access to


We put everything we think you’ll need in this program to take your volunteer ministry from barely there to thriving.
  • 3 full coaching videos on our best insights when it comes to volunteers

  • Actual pre-made documents and templates like an org chart, job descriptions, a communication timeline, emails to send, volunteer interest card, social media posts, and more

  • Examples of shirt designs for your volunteers

  • A 90-day checklist and action guide that will lead you through recruiting new volunteers. It’s a 90-day emphasis that can have long-term benefits throughout your entire church.

  • A volunteer sermon series with graphics included

  • BONUS! 3 MONTHS FREE OF CHURCH FUEL ONE. As a bonus you’ll get free access to our premier resource library and digital coaching program for pastors. We add new content to this membership every single month and 700+ pastors around the country are a part of this vibrant community.


Yes, I want to recruit volunteers fast


so I can implement a reliable, repeatable process for my volunteer program.
Normally $399
Get started TODAY — For only

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Try our “Recruit Volunteers Fast” course for a full 30-days, 100% risk-free.

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How The Course Works

#1 – Watch three coaching videos. Each video is practical and gets right to the point. Watch on any device or watch with your team. Some churches schedule a half-day retreat to go through everything while many others work at their own pace.

#2 – Review the examples and use the templates. We don’t just tell you what you do. We give you lots of examples and ready-to-use templates. Use the checklist and templates to customize for your church.

#3 – Put your plan in place. When you’ve watched the videos and completed the exercises, you’ll have a solid plan to recruit new volunteers. Plus, the process is repeatable year after year. We’ll even send you extra coaching throughout the year to help you USE your plan.

Frequently Asked Questions
How much is the course?

You’ll get all the coaching and all of the templates for $149 (normally $249)! That’s a one time fee for lifetime access to the course and all the resources.

How do I access the resources?

Once you join, you’ll receive a login and password to our member’s area. You’ll find all the videos and downloads there. You’ll have full access to all the course immediately.

Can I share these resources with others in my team?

Yes. After you register, you can download and share the resources with anyone in your church, including staff, elders or key volunteers. We only ask that you don’t share the resources with people outside your church. It’s the honor system.

How much time will it take?

Each of the three videos are about 15-20 minutes long. Some churches work through everything in a leadership retreat while others intentionally stretch the process into several months. You’re free to work at your own pace.

Will this work for me?

Yes. Every church, no matter your style or location can benefit from recruiting new volunteers. Imagine having new people in place soon!

Yes, I want to Recruit Volunteers Fast


so I can implement a reliable, repeatable process for my volunteer program.
Normally $399
Get started TODAY — For only