From the hand-written letters of the Apostles to the 140 characters on Twitter, the way the Church meets, communicates, and spreads the good news of Jesus has greatly changed over the past 2,000 years.

This isn’t to say that the message of the Gospel has changed, or that people are in any less need of Jesus. But how people find, engage with, and often give to a Church is radically different than it was even 20 years ago.

With the advent of modern technologies like the internet, mobile phones, and the ubiquitous use of social media, Churches now more than ever need to both understand and utilize these modern forms of communication in order to effectively reach and engage with new, existing, and possible future congregants.

The challenge that many pastors face, however, is that they didn’t go to school to learn how to build a website or create a social media account. They went to school to learn how to shepherd God’s people.

The reality today is that people almost exclusively use the internet and internet-connected devices to both find and engage with a Church.

And for pastors, this could potentially sound daunting as their already overwhelming schedule doesn’t have room to set aside time to learn how to build a new church website, how to implement SEO, how to manage a Google Ad Grant, or how to run digital ads across all the various social media and advertising platforms.

That’s where Missional Marketing can help.

Missional Marketing is a Christian advertising/marketing agency focused solely on helping Churches of all sizes to more effectively reach and engage with existing and new visitors.

They have over 25 years of experience and have helped hundreds of churches across North America by removing the stress on pastors of having to reach new people in their communities.

Their proven methods of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Search Advertising (Google Ad Grants program and Google Ads), and Website Engagement Optimization (improving website effectiveness) all work together to help Churches reach new people, increase online giving, and more effectively communicate with their local congregation.

The reason we’ve chosen to partner with Missional Marketing is not only their vast experience in church growth through digital marketing efforts, but because their goal is to be a valuable contributor to the Church’s overall success and to grow the Kingdom, not just to get more clicks. They want to see more people hear the Gospel and find salvation in Jesus Christ.

After all, that’s the only “conversion” that really matters.

About Missional Marketing

Missional Marketing is a Christian advertising/marketing agency focused on helping Churches of all sizes with church growth by improving their online presence. They have an “arkload” of experience and specialize in all areas of digital marketing, including church website design and development, Google Ad Grants, paid advertising, and SEO.