You’ve got an important vision, good ministries, and you really care about the community. So, why is it that new people aren’t showing up to your church like you hope and pray?

Here are seven possible reasons for this:

  • Your church isn’t for them. You might say everyone is welcome, but your environment might reinforce the opposite idea.  Saying you’re welcoming doesn’t mean that you are welcoming. It takes a ton of focus and commitment to create an environment that’s truly welcoming to outsiders.
  • You don’t expect guests. Your greeters and ushers might be helpful, but they need training. You’re not ready to receive guests because deep down inside, you don’t expect them.
  • You don’t acknowledge guests.  When new people show up, they aren’t welcomed. In your preaching, you reference Bible stories assuming everyone knows what you are talking about. In discussing church business, you act like new people aren’t in the room.
  • You don’t advertise. There are strategic things you can do to get new people to come to church but, right now, you’re not doing any of them. What you’re doing now is producing the results you’re getting now.
  • They haven’t been invited. Personal invitations are the #1 way new people end up at church, but you’re not challenging (or equipping!) your people to invite.
  • You’re not talking about what they care about. You’re talking about Bible stuff, church stuff, and Christian stuff, not the things that people struggle with in their daily lives. Maybe you’ve let the fear of “watering down the Gospel” keep you from talking practically. But, not talking about what people want to know about is a sure fire way to keep people away.
  • You’re not personally praying and inviting. If you’re not leading the way, your church can’t follow. Set the example for your church, pray, and give them time to follow your lead.

If you want a great resource to help follow up with first time guests, check out the First Time Guest Action Guide.  It’s full of practical coaching and ready-to-use ideas. We have many more resources like this through Church Fuel One.