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There is no doubt that in times of uncertainty, people are looking for hope and needing to engage with God’s Word now more than ever. The Word For You Today is an affordable, printed, quarterly devotional book you can give to members and share in your community.  It's a great way to help your people engage with God's Word AND reach out to your community.  

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Ways To Use Printed Devotionals


The inside and outside covers can be easily customized for each church.  Add your branding or a letter from the pastor.


Give copies of the devotional to members to help them engage with God's Word throughout the quarter.  This is a great way to pastor people outside of Sunday.  


Drop copies at businesses, retirement centers, and other places in your community.  Ask your people to take two and share with their friends, neighbors, and coworkers. 

“This is the best devotional I have ever read. Our congregation has been using The Word For You Today for ever ten years. It's a great gift to visitors and new converts. I highly recommend it to every pastor and congregation who wants to grow deep in the Word.”

Jentezen Franklin

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This effective Bible reading experience designed for churches will…


  • Get your people to read God’s Word daily.
  • Connect you with every member, every visitor, every day.
  • Spread your church’s influence across your community.
What others have said:


  • These devotionals have been a spiritual resource for many in our Church Community, especially our seniors and shut ins.
  • These devotionals are a source of hope and encouragement especially during this time of uncertainty.
  • A young couple who just started dating began reading the devotional together. This devotional has been a great launching point for them to discuss issues of the heart and growing in faith together.
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