The Grow Your Church: Back to School Workshop

Now is the time to grow your church!

Coming in August 2024

This is the year your church sees greater growth

The key to healthy, sustainable growth is not a secret—it’s a system.  Join Church Fuel and transform your team, attendance, and community. 

"Church Fuel really treats you like family not just like a subscriber!" — Douglas Faulk Jr.

Launching, leading, and growing a healthy church is still possible

Every pastor and church leader we’ve ever met has a dream to make a difference in their community.

Unfortunately, even the best preaching and programs—on their own—aren’t enough to see that dream fulfilled. Why? Your church requires healthy systems to support current and future growth. See how Church Fuel equips you with the systems needed to build a sustainable church growth engine.

See new visitors each week

Empower new volunteers

Unlock new levels of generosity

Growth is a byproduct of having a plan

Our Church Growth Plan helps you prioritize 5 core systems.


Know the vision and have a plan to execute it.


Introduce more people to your church and help them plan a visit.


Ensure your team is focused on the most important priorities.


Equip people to connect and find community.


Help people understand and generously support the vision.

We want your church to experience healthy growth

Simplify your week

with content, resources, and ready-made templates that make your job (and life) easier.

Make heaven more crowded

because you’ve installed a church growth engine designed to help new people find and plan their visit to your church.

Equip your team

with a playbook they can run to see more visitors each week and ensure those visitors come back again.

Fulfill the vision

God put on your heart to share Jesus with more people in your community.

Demystify church marketing

and create meaningful relationships that start online and continue in person.

Implement simple systems

that keep your team organized, healthy, and focused on what matters most.

Monthly Blueprints

Church life is all about seasons. Utilize ready-made calendars that spotlight what to work on next along with all the resources you’ll need to do it.


Walk through each core system and unpack the plan and tools you need to see greater health and growth. 


Attend real-time events where strategic planning meets practical implementation. Prepare to finally leave a live training and whisper to yourself, “That was worth it.”


Access helpful kits that simplify how you execute your church growth plan in this season. Each kit comes with ready-made resources you can download and deploy.

One-on-One Coaching and Support

Feeling stuck? Our coaches and church success team are on hand to help get your church growth plan back on track.

How a Church Fuel membership can help you

We help normal-sized churches achieve steady, sustainable growth. Select the right membership for you and get to work building the five systems that will fuel your church growth engine.

Start Learning


Gain access to our favorite time-tested templates, courses, and insanely practical resources all designed to help you build the 5 essential healthy church systems and steer your church toward greater health and growth.

Work With a Coach


Install the 5 essential church systems faster and confidently with guidance from our experienced Ministry Coaches. You’ll pair your Church Fuel membership with 1:1 coaching to ensure you feel confident at every step of the way.

Grow With Our Team


Opt for our done-with-you membership that includes all the resources and coaching—plus our team working with you to install and optimize your 5 healthy church systems. We create your Facebook Prayer Ads System, activate your Google Grant to unlock $120k/year in free advertising for your church, offer exclusive events, and provide a FastPass to ongoing support.

*You may have seen us previously mention programs like “Pro.” While those programs have been re-named to combine the best of Church Fuel and Church Marketing University, they are still available—with new benefits—as the 3 membership levels above.

Helping guide churches toward greater health and growth

The prayer ads you’ve helped us start have been gold. We are in our second week now. Last week, we had a lady who showed up and now her sister and husband got saved and want to be baptized next week! That’s 31 prayer requests (in 2 weeks or less) through the system you helped us create.

Greg Gates, The Point Church

Your team is awesome!! We worked with another “agency” and it was fruitless. Jumped into Grow and had issues getting reapproved and the right account numbers for Ads. Anyway, Church Fuel jumped in and fixed it all up!! #rockstars

Robert Kelly, Rescue Culture Church

Today was our first new visitor through the Plan Your Visit system we built. They saw our video invitation Facebook ad, clicked the link to our Plan Your Visit page and signed up. Someone who had never been to church in their adult life, never really known God, but due to a difficult moment in their life, saw our invitation and decided to give church a shot. It allowed us to connect and be there for them and because we have their information already through Plan Your Visit we were able to easily send a follow up email after they left to thank them again for their visit and let them know if they need anything we’re here for them and that we are praying for them. They’ve let us know that they’re looking forward to coming back next week. It was a huge encouragement to us and hopefully an encouragement to those of you out there that are trying a Plan Your Visit system yourself.

Jeremy Wallace, The Church at Tubac

What you can expect as a Church Fuel member

We’ve all signed up for a free trial, downloaded a course, or enrolled in something that simply fell short. Why? Because you need more than new ideas. The solution is a system that supports your ideas, pulls your dreams within reach, and a team who understands what it’s like to work in a normal-sized church. Let's do this together.

Once a partnership, now one company

If you’re already on our email list or follow us on socials, you’ll know we’ve been talking about Church Fuel + Church Marketing University (CMU). For quite some time, our two teams have collaborated and championed each other as the go-to place for insanely practical resources and CMU as the gold standard for ministry-first marketing.

Now, together as one brand, we’re committed to being the place church leaders turn to when they want to deploy ministry-first marketing that brings more visitors each week, plus resources and coaching to help them build healthy systems that ensure they have a great experience and want to come back again.

Don't just take our word for it

Since we joined Church Fuel almost two months ago, we started using these systems and running Facebook ads. In that time, we have seen 125% growth and we went from one—maybe two—visitors a week and now average 10 to 13 first-time visitors a week. We were running 65 to 70. Now, we are at almost 200 in just a few months.

David Rose, Restoration Hope Church

We started prayer ads with a simple $10 a day on Saturday. The very next day we had a family visit that said they saw our prayer ad and decided to come!

It is now Monday, and I have prayed with five people and had another person say they would like to visit.

Eric Golden, North Lenoir Church

Just a thank you for your team- our Advent reading page is trending up directly because of the work your team is doing. While 589 page views isn’t “viral” by the world’s standards, it’s “viral” to us! Thank you!

Christy Ferguson, Spring Hill Baptist

Healthy church growth is within your grasp

Serving as a pastor or church leader in ministry is not for the faint of heart. Yes, it’s a calling, but in today’s ever-changing world, it can feel like the odds are constantly stacked against you.

Church Fuel is here to lighten the load with a proven pathway to sustainable growth. We’ll guide you through the process of building the essential 5 church systems and then help you install your church growth engine using a ministry-first marketing strategy.

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