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47,233 churches receive The Five every month

Let’s Discover Your Next Big Opportunity

After working with more than 5,000 churches over the last 7 years, we’ve found there are really 9 big opportunities facing churches today.

We call this the Growth Grid.

Reach New People

We want to reach new people and want to see our avg. weekly attendance increase.

Increase Volunteers

We need more volunteers to do the ministry God has called us to do.

Refresh Approach

We’ve been stuck in the past and need to change how we do things.


If we don’t find and disciple new leaders, we are not going to accomplish our mission.


People feel disconnected and not involved.


We’re not clear about who we are and what we do.


We’re spinning our wheels and have few written systems.


We must help people grow in their faith and need a clear process to do so.


Without adequate financial resources, we’re not going to be able to fund the mission.

You might see this list and think “Yes, we’ve got many of those challenges.”  And you might recognize these challenges are really growth opportunities.

But there are at least two big problems.

First, you can’t work on 9 priorities at the same time.

As we’ve helped pastors navigate these challenges, the churches that grow and the pastors that lead well focus on one big opportunity.

Without this “one thing filter,” every new idea will just add to your feeling of overwhelm. If you try to juggle 9 balls at a time, all of them will fall to the floor.

And your team will feel that too.  That will cause them to lose trust in their leader.

Second, your team needs to agree.

Too many times, the pastor things the biggest opportunity is one thing but key staff or leaders think other problems are more deserving of focus.

Without alignment around the problem to solve, solutions will never take hold.

Our assessment will help you identify your biggest opportunity, but the secret sauce is getting your team on the same page.

Then, once you’re aligned, we’ve got a game plan you can follow.

We’re here to help you lead a healthy and growing church this Easter.

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