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We have worked with more than 5,000 mega-churches, small churches, multi-site churches, house churches, urban churches, and rural churches from all denominations, including…

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You can spend $2,000 to take a few people to a conference, and maybe walk away with two or three new ideas. Or, you can invest $99 per month in a membership that offers you one-on-one coaching, connects you to a whole community of like-minded peers, and gives you actionable resources and courses that you AND your team need.

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$2,000+ FOR 2-3 PEOPLE

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Yes. When you pay for a year up front, you’ll save 20%. We also offer scholarships to new churches or those with financial needs.

No. Unlike other programs, we don’t charge you for more users. We want as many people as possible in your church to have access to these resources.
No. There are no contracts and commitments, and you can cancel anytime without any hassle. We want to earn your continued business over time by being the most helpful and practical part of your leadership development.

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Hear how other church leaders have benefited from Church Fuel

Thank you for your resources and coaching that gave me direction, clarity, and a little security. The tools and resources gave me energy to see daylight and confidence in leading.

Jamison Horton

Pastor at Citylight Benson Church

With so much to do, Church Fuel is helping me focus and providing incredible tools for our team to use. I’m spending my own personal money on this each month is well worth it.

Ronnie Whitfield

Pastor at OneLife Community Church
During the pandemic, we used Church Fuel’s ministry plan template to develop and roll out a completely revamped ministry plan. The staff went from a season of deep depression to off the charts excited. Our people are re-engaging in new ways. Giving is up. In person attendance is increasing. Online attendance is gaining momentum.

Mary Jinks

Director of Operations at Grace Church Knoxville
Your resources and tips and materials truly helped our parish during this pandemic. We were forced into new territory, but I felt I had your team behind me to teach and support us. We had never before live streamed anything…..and, guess what? We did it! We livestream 6 days a week now! And we do it well! Our website communicates better than ever. There is so much fruit in the work.

Monica Walton

St. Paul Catholic Church
I am an old fashioned fundamentalist and view the new stuff with the typical suspectful eye. But, I admit… I am seeing value and getting help with some of these tools. Mom always said “don't throw the baby out with the wash.”

Dan Alexoff

Lead Pastor at First Freedom Baptist Church
For all of the theology and deeper understanding of Scriptures, it is appalling how ill-prepared people are for the business side of church life. I have not found anyone that is as practical and hands-on relevant as Church Fuel. Church Fuel fills a desperately needed gaping hole.

Pastor Micah

Faith Baptist Church
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