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5 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Church Website

Your church website shouldn’t be static. It's not something you can “set and forget.”  Rather, it should adapt to updated technology and how people interact with websites, which is continually shifting. This doesn’t mean you have to revamp your website every month. ...

What to Look for in Church Technology

It’s about relationships. Technology is no longer just about the latest, greatest, or flashiest thing. It’s about relationships. Think about it: You don’t use the messages app on your phone because it has the coolest or most robust interface, you use it because it...

The Skills Every Church Staff Member Needs

Teams come in all sizes and styles. Some teams wear uniforms, practice daily, and compete in tournaments and championships. Some work together on a building project, a life-saving endeavor, or in pursuit of a prosecution. No matter what the team looks like, a common...

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