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The Skills Every Church Staff Member Needs

Teams come in all sizes and styles. Some teams wear uniforms, practice daily, and compete in tournaments and championships. Some work together on a building project, a life-saving endeavor, or in pursuit of a prosecution. No matter what the team looks like, a common...

6 Ways Pastors Can Equip Millennials to Evangelize

Evangelism is scary for most Christians. Despite the fear evangelism creates within Christians, most believe sharing their faith is essential—especially millennial Christians. A recent report by the Barna Group illuminated this reality about millennials: 96% believe...

Project Management for Churches: A Short Guide

Project management is an essential skill for church leaders. Not convinced this is the case? Take this short quiz to find out: Do you regularly miss deadlines? Are your plans consistently over budget?Are your events, programs, or ministries poorly attended?Is your...

9 Social Media Ideas for Churches

Whether you’re a social media aficionado, or just your everyday feed-scroller, by now you know that social media influences today’s world significantly. The Church can engage culture like never before through social media, as messages of Gospel hope can be shared on a...

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