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Seven Stories Pastors Should Tell Over and Over

How well do you tell stories? Because stories aren’t just for children.  If you’re a senior pastor or church leader, you need to tell stories to your church all of the time. Here are seven stories pastors should tell. #1 – Tell Giving Stories If you’re wondering what you should say just before you receive […]

20 Reasons Your Church Isn’t Growing

This post could come with all kinds of disclaimers.  But we’ll save those for another post and get right to the reasons your church might not be growing.  You’re not growing.  The number one growth barrier in a church is not service times or seating capacity, it’s leadership. If you want your church to grow, […]

Build Influence, Create Conversations and Invite People to Church

Would you like to provide practical help and valuable ideas on topics like marriage, parenting and faith to people in your community? Would you like to create conversations with people and invite them to church in a natural way? Would you like to build trust and leverage that influence to invite people to a church […]

Are You Using a Yellow Pages Strategy?

Every time I walk into our office, I think about the Yellow Pages. Their office is right across the hall. For some reason, they still send me this tree-waster every year. I don’t know about you, but this 7-pound book goes straight into the recycle bin. Back in the day, you needed the yellow pages to […]

Here are some insanely practical courses to help your church.

The Content Marketing Course

  • [+] Six modules of practical coaching and all the resources you need to do content marketing in your church.
  • [+] Reach people where they are using a proven strategy and method.
  • [+] Build influence in your community and leverage it to invite people to come to church.
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The Systems Course

  • [+] 12 Modules of coaching and resources to help you create and implement healthy systems in your church.
  • [+] Help with guests, volunteers, stewardship, leadership, staff and much more.
  • [+] Tons of documents, spreadsheets and flowcharts.
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Don’t Take Our Word For It

“Since our coaching our church has seen unreal growth. The things I have learned from your coaching have helped to put us in this position.”

Robbie Foreman, Freedom Church

Frequently Asked Questions

We're stuck...what do you recommend?

We've found most churches have a strong mission and some passionate people determined to accomplish it. But we've also found most churches lack the systems, strategies and processes to make it happen. That's why we created The Systems Course, and it's an excellent starting point for any church. It will help you create and implement 12 key systems to move your church forward.

Do you do coaching and consulting?

Yes. From time to time, we work closely with a local church. We can help you evaluate your services, programs or ministries or work with you over the span of several months to solve a problem. If you're interested, get in touch and let's have a conversation.

What is Church Fuel about?

We're here to provide insanely practical resources for pastors. We love the local church and want to help every way we can. Through our membership site (coming by 2016), practical courses and resources, we hope to equip the coaching with training and tools to reach people for Christ.

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