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The Senior Pastor's Guide to Reopening
12 Emails to Send Your Church
5 Reopening Email Templates


Communicating Without Final Answers
Don't Bring It Back
Communicating With Donors

COVID-19 Response Plan for Churches

  This webinar is for you if…  
  • You could use practical help to get your church through this unprecedented season
  • You want to provide a warm and welcoming church in the time of social distancing
  • You are looking for clarity on what to do next in your church's operations and communication

How Churches Get Financial Relief from the CARES Act

​Learn from leading church solutions experts: Michael Lukaszewski, Founder of Church Fuel and renowned stewardship speaker, author, and teacher and Joseph Sangl, President & CEO, INJOY Stewardship Solutions.

Download the slides here.


COVID-19 Response Kit

The short term effects of COVID-19 will create long term change on a global scale. Churches are in the middle of a forced re-evaluation of the “how” and “why” of nearly everything they do week in and week out. In our response kit we help churches understand how to continue operating in several key areas, including:  
  • Preparing Church Communications
  • Altering Team Meetings
  • Reaching Your Community
  • Conserving Church Finances

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