Having a presence is super simple, you just have to be there. But we weren’t called to just be present. We are called to go, and make disciples. It’s active, requires movement. We were also called to go out into the world and to teach. So make sure you are going out into the digital landscape and intentionally teaching the people you are going out after.

Use Facebook groups to connect and engage with people. People are likely to be much more vulnerable in a Facebook group than they are on a page, so lean into where people are willing to connect.

Facebook groups offer a variety of ways to connect through publishing your own content, asking questions, and commenting on responses, polls, surveys, event sharing, resource promotion, etc…

At the end of the day, community is about centering other people.

Use your social media and digital content to people with other people, and not just yourself. Just like you can connect people through in-person conversations, you can connect them through online conversations as well.



Don’t just make statements, ask questions. 

It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in what we have to say or share, and we often forget that people aren’t there to just hear what you have to say but also to be heard. 

So be curious, ask how people are or what their thoughts are on a particular topic. Get the conversation going.

Once the conversation is going, respond to comments and questions that people leave. This communicates that you’re listening, and there is value in what they have to say.

Keep in mind that engaging with your church online is a culture shift. If people haven’t been engaging in the past, it takes time and intentionality to shift the habit.  

Know that there is so much more to digital ministry than the billboard side of it.

There are over 3 billion people on these platforms, how can we serve them and meet their needs?

As long we have the mentality to serve them, we will be able to accomplish that goal.



So many are waiting to return “back to normal”, but we are already in the new normal. People have recognized that they need God 7 days a week, and are looking for resources to connect, engage, and learn about Jesus outside of the hour on Sunday.


We are experiencing a revolutionary change in the church, and if we lean into digital strategy we can absolutely rise to the occasion.


Your Digital Strategy needs to be about 3 things:


Outreach: As we’re communicating we have to communicate with our church members and we have to find people and bring them into the life of the church. 

How is your Digital Strategy intentionally helping with Outreach?

Building community: Facebook (especially Facebook groups) is a great tactic for building community, but decide for yourself and your context where building community makes the most sense.

If you chose to build a community on Facebook, for example, you are building a community for another product and platform. However, a large part of your congregation is already present on Facebook. 

Good strategy wrestles through the tension and has honest conversations. Tension is not a reason to ignore, push through it and have backup plans as you take next steps.

Advertising: A good strategy has to have a small amount of advertising. If your church is doing helpful things, if your church is a key part of your promotion, then advertising is just a tool or tactic to get the word out. If you have something worth getting the word out about, then don't feel guilty about using modern tools and tactics to do it




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Notable Quotes from Episode 3.3


“It’s all about creating a connection. It starts with you being willing to not talk about yourself all the time.” – Nona Jones


“We forget people aren’t there to hear your opinion, they’re their because they want you to care about [their] opinion too” – Nona Jones


“If you have something worth getting the word out about, then don't feel guilty about using modern tools and tactics to do it” – Michael Lukaszewski


“You need to create a culture of engagement.” – Meagan Ranson


“Strategy by definition should limit your choices. If your strategy doesn’t limit your choices, then you’re doing it wrong.” –  Michael Lukaszewski


“Balsamic Glaze is not used enough.” –  Michael Lukaszewski




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