When people invite others to your church, good things happen.

And chances are, you’ve preached or passionately pleaded with your people to invite others to church.

So why don’t your church members invite more? You remind them to invite a friend or neighbor, but it goes in one ear and out the other.


Actions rarely overcome culture. And good intentions rarely overcome bad habits.

So if you want a culture where new guests consistently show up at your church, then you need to invest in the habit of inviting.

Here are three ways to reinforce the habit of inviting and create a culture where inviting is normal.

#1 – Make It Easy

The best way to make it easy for people who attend your church to invite their unchurched friends to church is to provide tools for inviting. Remember, it’s not enough to ask them to invite…you’ve got to equip them.

Here are few examples of great tools:

  • Make business card sized invite cards advertising your church or current series. Be sure to put your website, times, and directions of the card.
  • Give people online tools to make inviting easier.  Elevation Church created some special graphics and put them online. Your church could do this today.
  • Provide a few strategic times of the year when inviting is super simple. Let them know the entire day or the entire series is geared for new people.

#2 – Teach People How

Teaching your attenders how to invite is often an overlooked piece of the puzzle. We church leaders assume that people know how to invite their friends to something.

Andy Stanley regularly reminds North Point regulars to look for “three NOT cues.”

Andy says to look for these three cues when talking with others. When you hear one of these things, it should trigger an invite.

Three Not Cues

  • Things are NOT going well…
  • I was NOT prepared for…
  • I am NOT from here….

When one of these three cues is mentioned, extend an invitation to church. Take time teaching these to your people for a super effective way to create a habit of inviting.

#3 – Celebrate Stories

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times; what gets celebrated, gets repeated.

Ask people when they attend, how they heard about your church. When a great story comes along, share it with your church. When someone invites someone and they show up, celebrate that both corporately and personally.

If you take the time to create a habit of inviting in your church, not only will your church grow numerically, but your church will grow in faith and maturity.