The Senior Pastor's Guide to Breaking Barriers

Why don’t churches grow? That can be a frustrating question to consider. Maybe you’re praying, preaching, leading, and building, only to feel tired and stuck. You watch other churches with similar programs and ministries explode with new people and wonder what you should do differently.

It can be tough, but great pastors and leaders stop to consider the reasons churches never grow or stop growing. In this free eBook we’ll explore three types of barriers: Spiritual Growth Barriers, Cultural Growth Barriers, and Structural Growth Barriers.  And we’ll give you some practical action steps on how you can lead breakthrough.

The Senior Pastor's guide to Leading a Staff

Why is leadership so hard? It feels like it should be intuitive. But the reality is that everything you say and do around your staff matters. That can be a difficult burden to manage and many pastors try to do it alone. But you don’t have to.

We love the church and we love serving pastors. In this free eBook we’ll share some insanely practical tactics and approaches that will help you get better at leading your staff.

Weekly Review PDF

Looking for a resource that will help you plan, prepare and equip yourself to succeed this week? This simple, one-page resource will take you 20 minutes or so every Sunday. That is time you’ll easily recover when you are able to focus on what truly matters. Your delegation might increase, but your productivity definitely will.

The Senior Pastor's Guide to Reaching More People

Passion and purpose can take you a long way, but they can’t take you the entire way. You need a strategy and a plan to reach more people. This insanely practical, free eBook will give you tangible ideas that will enable you to reach more people, invite them to church and help them follow Jesus.

The Senior Pastor's Guide to Leading Volunteers

Among all your other responsibilities, you also have to find time to lead your volunteers. It’s hard. In this free guide we’ll walk you through a process that will give you legs when it comes to your volunteer ministry. We’ll help you identify and invite volunteers to be a part of your church’s story. The next step is to train and develop those same volunteers (and all the other new ones in the future). The third step is to encourage and pastor those same people (the good news is you’re already doing most of this)! Get this free eBook to get started today!

Ministry Hangouts

Greg Surratt, founder and pastor of Seacoast Church in South Carolina was regularly having conversations with ministry leaders when he realized that these discussions could provide value to more than just him. Thus, Ministry Hangout was born. Our simple mission to share conversations that matter. We’ll discuss a little bit of everything from lessons learned from churches doing something really well to the nitty gritty of how to develop leaders on your staff to how to use social media for your church to how to foster worship leader development. We want to cover it all and have more conversations that matter.

Personal Growth Plan

Frustrated? Feel like you’re supposed to be developing leaders in your church, but not quite sure where to start?

Download our free, one-page personal growth plan to take your first step in the right direction.

Leadership starts with you. In order to lead others well, you must first lead yourself. That’s why we’ve created a resource called the One-Page Personal Growth Plan and it’s your for free. This simple PDF will help you create a plan for investing in and leading yourself well over the next 12 months.

One Page Ministry Plan

Want to get you ministry teams on the same page? What if you created a business plan for your ministries? This simple, one-page document will help you ensure your people and your ministries are aligned.

Get everyone on the same page with this free resource.


Hire the Right Worship Pastor

Hire the Right Worship Pastor is an insanely practical PDF that will give you tools and ideas to help you and your church make the proper decision when it comes to hiring.  We’ll talk through these four big ideas:

  1. When is it time to hire a worship pastor?
  2. What is the actual role and where does it fit in on the team?
  3. Who is the right person and where do we find them?
  4. How do we integrate them into our team and culture?

12 Emails You Can Send Your Church

Here are 12 cut-and-paste emails written from a pastoral point-of-view. Some encourage people to take a step – maybe to serve somewhere or make a donation. But others are written to help them take a step of faith. To offer encouragement. To provide helpful resources. To pastor people. Just quickly customize and use throughout the year.

Program or Ministry Evaluation Template

Here’s a PDF Template with everything you need to evaluate the ministries and programs in your church. Decide what is performing well, what isn’t performing well, and how you can get more people to Christ through the programs within your church walls.

Learn how real pastors lead real meetings

The Best Way to Meet and Follow Up

Who should be there? What’s the best way to meet and follow up? What topics should be discussed? That’s some of what you’ll learn in this free download.

Our attendance has gone up as well as our offerings! We’re getting ready to hire our first staff (non-volunteer) member. That’s a milestone for us. There will be others.

Paul Carrasco, Pleasant Valley Church