7 Conversations to Have With Your Team

Sometimes you need to clarify your vision, discuss performance, or identify skills. This conversation guide will help you do this and more. It’s designed to help you have the conversations needed for a healthy team, culture, and church.

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The Volunteer Huddles Guide

When your volunteers gather to serve, take a few minutes to talk about what matters now and what matters most.  This free guide will show you how to follow the simple 3C plan and implement huddle talks with any volunteer team.  Plus, we’re including free Huddle Talk scripts you can use right away.

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12 Devotions for Every Leader

Your team is tired. And if you ask them, they’ll probably say they need a raise and a month-long vacation.
That might be true, but the root of low morale and burnout is often spiritual. Taking the time to regularly pour into your team and encourage their spiritual health is vital.

To help establish a regular rhythm of pouring into and pastoring your staff download 12 Devotions for Every Leader now. Learn more.

7 Church Staff Meeting Ideas

Infuse new life into your church's staff meetings. This free resource will help you reinforce your mission and ensure you're talking about the most important things with all the right people. Learn more.

The Senior Pastor's Guide to Stewardship

The Senior Pastor’s Guide to Stewardship is an e-book that will help you navigate how to talk about money in church without feeling awkward. Learn more.

The “Make Space” Sermon Series

Let’s face it, talking about money in church is weird at best. That’s why we created this easy to use series to help you talk about money in a way that will help your congregations make space for what really matters.


  • The  Sermon Series. Four weeks worth of sermons covering the topics of stewardship, contentment, planning, and generosity.
  • Presentations. Ready to use PowerPoint Presentations designed to complement the sermons, which are customizable to fit the needs of your congregation.
  • Graphics Package. Templates for mailers, social media platforms, and other marketing tools.
  • Video Guide. A comprehensive video walk-through to help you access and utilize your Make Space materials.

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The Senior Pastor's Guide to Leading Volunteers

Leading people is one of the most difficult tasks of pastoral leadership.

The Senior Pastor’s Guide to Leading Volunteers will give you a roadmap to recruit, train, and disciple volunteers who serve in any capacity in your church.


  • An effective strategy for training and developing volunteers
  • What it looks like to pastor volunteers in an encouraging environment
  • How to lead yourself well so that you can lead others better

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Guest Ready Assessment

Reaching new people is core to the mission of a local church. And while so much has changed over the past couple of years, our commitment to reach people for Jesus is stronger than ever. As you look at your church services and live streams, are you ready to reach new people? This free, 20-question assessment will help you evaluate your services with new people in mind. Learn more.