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At Church Fuel we love God and have a deep passion to see His name made great above all else. For us, this takes the form of helping churches get healthy and grow however we possibly can. With that said, we love offering free resources that will not only inspire you, but will also give you practical and tangible action items for your ministry.

It is our hope and mission to provide insanely practical resources for churches everywhere. We hope you find one or more of the resources below to be valuable for your specific situation!


The Senior Pastor's Guide to Breaking Barriers

Why don’t churches grow? That can be a frustrating question to consider. Maybe you’re praying, preaching, leading, and building, only to feel tired and stuck. You watch other churches with similar programs and ministries explode with new people and wonder what you should do differently.

It can be tough, but great pastors and leaders stop to consider the reasons churches never grow or stop growing. In this free eBook we’ll explore three types of barriers: Spiritual Growth Barriers, Cultural Growth Barriers, and Structural Growth Barriers

Download this insanely practical ebook and learn about the three types of growth barriers and get ideas on how you can lead your church through them.

12 Emails You Can Send Your Church

Here are 12 cut-and-paste emails written from a pastoral point-of-view. Some encourage peopole to take a step – maybe to serve somewhere or make a donation. But others are written to help them take a step of faith. To offer encouragement. To provide helpful resources. To pastor people. Just quickly customize and use throughout the year.

Our attendance has gone up as well as our offerings! We’re getting ready to hire our first staff (non-volunteer) member. That’s a milestone for us. There will be others.

Paul Carrasco, Pleasant Valley Church

Learn how real pastors lead real meetings

The Best Way to Meet and Follow Up

Who should be there? What’s the best way to meet and follow up? What topics should be discussed? That’s some of what you’ll learn in this free download.

Nearly 4,000 churches close their doors every year in the U.S.

In this free video training you’ll learn the one church growth strategy that helps every ministry in your church, how to identify your best, next step to church growth, and how to get any sized team aligned and focused on what really matters.

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