See more visitors every single week 🌱

Grow is our signature program designed to help normal-sized churches see a steady stream of new visitors each week and build healthy systems that ensure they want to come back again next Sunday.

What’s included in Grow

Grow is our only custom, done-with-you program for church leaders. As a member, you’ll receive our comprehensive system that transforms your team, attendance, and community.

Decide Together

Need to Convince the Team?

Many churches have more than one decision-maker devoted to healthy church growth. If enrolling in Grow requires convincing a boss or board, here’s all the information you need.

Download the Workbook

Get the Workshop Workbook

We’ve packed all the ideas, tips, resources, and recommendations you need to grow your church in 2024 into this comprehensive workbook.

Helping Leaders Near and Far Grow Their Church

🥇 Grow is GOLD

“I seriously can’t thank you enough. The content is gold! Insanely helpful. We are already seeing results. A family came in from Texas, commented they found us when searching for a church via google, and we now have a set of systems to ensure their experience is top notch after visitors walk through the door”

— Robby Ratcliffe, Word Up Ministries

⚡ You’re fueling this one-person comms department

“These kits and resources are so helpful! Our communications department consists of just me, so everything you create helps maximize our ministry”

— Kimberly Anderson, Central Hope Church

It’s worth every penny 💎

“If it wasn’t for CMU, we wouldn’t have been able to run a Facebook Ad that convinced a woman in our community contemplating suicide to visit our church. Not only did she visit, but found Jesus and support from our team. Church Fuel is worth every penny”

— Jonathan Saliba, Congregación Bíblica Bautista Norte

📈 Our attendance doubled on Christmas Eve

“We followed the Christmas Marketing Plan alone, and still had twice as many visitors on Christmas Eve as we did the entire month of December. Psyched for Easter!”

— Laura Simone, First Presbyterian Church

Have Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Need some more info before going with Grow? Look no further.

Nope. Once you enroll, we’ll never increase your monthly or annual price—for life. That simple. 

After you sign up, we’ll give you (and up to 10 members of your team) a simple onboarding path and intuitive dashboard to make the process stress-free. 

Great question! The Google Grant is a cornerstone of the Grow program. All federally-registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations. 

First off, congrats! This puts you way ahead of the game here. If this is you, we can not only take over management of your ad grant, but can also begin optimizing your results in as little as 5-7 business days. 

This is a common question. Yes, ads work in both urban and rural settings as it’s tied to one of the most-used search engines today. Google. 

Nope. That simple! You can cancel at any time. 

Yes. And if a website is a current source of frustration for you and your team, we can take care of your website once you’re in Grow too. 

A strength of many churches is collaboration on decision-making, but we also realize not being the only decision-maker can make it hard to join Grow all on your own. Need to convince your board or boss? Use this resource or reach out and we can walk you through everything you need to know. 

Grow works for many churches of all sizes, locations, and cultures. If you have questions, shoot us a message so we can talk through it with you. 

Yep! If you’re already on our email list or follow us on socials, you’ll know we’ve been talking about Church Fuel + Church Marketing University. For quite some time, our two teams have collaborated and championed each other as the go-to place for insanely practical resources and ministry-first marketing. Grow offers you the best of both worlds with full access to both Church Marketing University and Church Fuel. Plus, becoming a member now ensures you’ll be the first to know about some cool things we’re cooking up now for later this year. 

Growth is within your grasp

Serving as a pastor or church leader in ministry is not for the faint of heart. Yes, it’s a calling, but in today’s ever-changing world, it can feel like the odds are constantly stacked against you.

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