How to Set and Reach Church-Wide Goals

Let's talk goals.

Here are the quick highlights from the video…

  • You don’t have to be balanced.  You may need to push hard on evangelism, not because you’re abandoning discipleship, but because you need to focus on that muscle.
  • Goals without plans are pipe dreams.  Too much WOW will burn your people out with vision.  Add the right amount of HOW to your goals.
  • Choose 3-5 church-wide goals.  Most churches have none or too many.
  • Write them correctly.  You probably know about SMART goals, but my favorite framework is “from x to y by when”.
  • Make sure everyone can participate in them.  Church-wide goals mean every ministry needs to play a part in them.  They won’t be aligned to something that doesn’t affect or involve them.
  • Choose a champion.  While everyone needs to be involved, goals that don't have a point leader won’t be reached.
  • Create a system to keep your goals front and center.  Don’t set it and forget it; find a way to keep your goals talked about all the time.  The meeting cadence we teach at Church Fuel is my favorite way to infiltrate the everyday with the important.
  • What’s at stake?  The #1 thing missing from goals (and sermons) is a sense of urgency?  What will happen if you DON’T reach them?  What’s really at stake here?  Failure to communicate this is almost a guarantee they become obscure.

Does your leadership team have success setting and reaching church-wide goals?


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