The System and Content You Need to Develop Your Staff

Many churches admit they need to do a better job developing leaders.  But this task never makes to the calendar. And with a pipeline or system, churches still need content to fuel the leadership engine. Leader Pulse is the only solution that gives the strategic framework AND content you need to train all the leaders in your church. Finally, you have an actual toolbox to DO leadership development, not just design a hypothetical system.


Leader Pulse is built on these key principles…


You must move leadership development from something you believe to something you do


Most pastors know leadership development is important, but it doesn’t happen because we don’t put it on the calendar.


Plan annually, align quarterly, train monthly, remind weekly.

I want to express appreciation for what I am receiving from Church Fuel. Most recently we used the course about increasing your attendance. I used a Sermon Series on Inviting and ended on Thanksgiving Sunday. We saw 17 new people in our congregation as a result. Now we are working on our system to follow up with new people until the time they are members. Thanks for your leadership!



What You Get with Leader Pulse


Strategic Planning Retreat Kit. Start with our strategic planning retreat to help get your team on the same page.  There are 1 and 2 day options, and everything you need to kickstart your team planning process.


The planning retreat will help you organize your year, this retreat will help your leaders get better.  Again, there are 1 and 2 day options, and all the pre and post exercises you need.


Repurpose part of an existing meeting or create space for this skill-based training.


This guide will help you have powerful and focused one-on-one conversations with your team.  This is where leadership and discipleship collide.


Whether you use these in a team meeting or send them out via email, these staff devotions will help you pastor and lead your team.


This is the secret weapon in Leader Pulse.  This planning tool will help you design your year in advance, so you’ll know exactly when to do what.

Most churches don’t have WOW problems – there’s plenty of passion, vision, and desire to develop leaders and volunteers.

Most churches have HOW problems – they don’t have an actual plan to follow in the leadership development area. 

Leadership development with our staff and teams rarely happens because we don’t put it on our calendar or have the tools to guide us.  It’s not a passion problem, it’s an execution problem.

But the good news, this is something we can help you solve.

Over the last five years, we’ve been able to help churches level up with strategy and execution.  With Leader Pulse, we’ve finally got a tool to help you DO leadership development.  We will help you plan what to do and give you every piece of content you need to do it.

We’d love to help you develop leaders in your church.  I promise, when you step back to work on this, everything else will just work better.

Have questions? We've got answers.

How should I go through the material?

When you purchase LeaderPulse, you will get immediate access to all of the resources.  Start with the “getting started” video and then use the calendar tool to plan the next 12 months.

Can I share these resources with others in my church?

Absolutely.  Leader Pulse comes with as many logins as you need.  Add others from your team or delegate implementation to another leader from your church.

Who is this resource for?

We designed this resource for senior pastors and others in senior leadership positions.  If you're responsible for a staff, you'll find this valuable.

What if we can't afford it?

For less than the price of attending one church leadership conference, you and your whole team will learn how to focus, lead, and get better. 

We really love Jesus and want to win and keep the lost for Him. We are doing a better and better job, thanks to the Breaking 200 course. It has really helped us start some good forward momentum with our leadership team even through a year of pastoral transition. The thing that blesses me most is the clarity that we have brought in to our church through the Breaking 200 course. It has allowed our new guests to see what we are REALLY all about. Thank you.



Down to business. Back to your calling.

Church Fuel supports pastors on a practical level in their efforts to grow an active, engaged church. Leader Pulse is a ready-to-use staff training system that combines a calendar-based approach with done-for-you content.