Small churches, large churches, and mega-churches have this in common: They all need to involve more volunteers and leaders.  We're serving hundreds of pastors in the Church Fuel membership program and every single church is consistently looking for new volunteers.

So here’s one practical idea…

One of the best ways to engage brand new people is to create some brand new volunteer positions.  I know you need children’s ministry volunteers. I’m sure you could use some more greeters or small group leaders. But if you’ll create some new and SUPER-SPECIFIC roles, you’ll grab people’s attention.

Instead of saying “We need children’s workers” say “We need an assistant 4thgrade small group leader at 11:00.”  Instead of saying “We need first impressions volunteers” say “We're looking for three men to help park cars from 8:30 – 9:00.”

Don't make a generic plea…make a specific ask.

And since new roles attract new people, take some time to create a list of new places where people can serve. The more specific the list can be – the better.

Create a list of new ways people can serve at your church. Then print it in the handout, email it to the entire database or post on social media.

Here’s a list to get you started.

  •  Help in the office during the week.
  •  Be a part of our Social Media Team.
  •  Escort first time parents and kids to their classrooms.
  •  Be a part of a small group that helps our pastor with sermon prep.
  •  Lead a small group of teenagers. Questions and pizza provided.
  •  Hand out bulletins as people enter the auditorium
  •  Wear a neon vest and help park cars.
  •  Review handouts and newsletters for typos.
  •  Work from home to prepare craft projects for children.
  •  Troubleshoot the computerized kid's check in on Sunday mornings.
  •  Wear a security shirt and an earpiece and patrol the parking lot.
  •  Create announcement videos.
  •  Help curate audio and video content on the web.
  •  Go through some tech training and work on the tech team.
  •  Take pictures of special events.
  •  Provide snacks and drinks for other volunteers.
  •  Pray for the church service during the church service.
  •  Join the web team and help keep our website current.
  •  Help us keep track of data and spreadsheets.
  •  Rock babies during the church service so parents can go to church.
  •  Write stories and recaps of events and activities.
  •  Proofread our bulletin and website.
  • Keep our church database updated and clean.
  • Help admin our Facebook page.
  • Meet with a group of people to help Pastor Chris think through sermon content.
  •  Serve once a month as a “bouncer” for our student ministry service.  Yes, we need bouncers.
  • Write notes to people who visit for the first time.
  • Pass out door hangers in a specific neighborhood.
  • Help a group of people clean up after big events.
  • Be a project manager for a one-time project.