There are a lot of reasons churches may not grow.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to poor church health.

One of the most common influences on both is leadership. The health and growth of a church depends largely on the people and leaders in the church.

Here are six ways you can develop leaders (and not just staff) across all levels of your church.

  1. Read books together. Bobby Williams at Ridge Church asks his leaders to read a chapter of a book at a time together and then they’ll discuss takeaways via Zoom video. Here’s a good list of books you could read with your team.
  2. Create a class, small group, or environment. You could create an in-person class or an online course for your church. John Nichols is leading a small group of leaders that meet once a month. It’s like a small group and they are going through the book Designed to Lead. Joanne Hoehne created a 10-week leadership development class for The Source Church.
  3. Take people with you and ask your staff to do the same thing. If you’re heading to a meeting, take someone with you and let them learn, too.  Everyday conversations can become leadership coaching opportunities.
  4. Create an internship program. Elevation Church does this. You don’t have to be a mega-church to create a meaningful internship program, either. In this post, Karl Vaters lays out ten steps to getting an internship program started in a small church.
  5. Invite people to conferences and experiences. Revolution Church in San Antonio invites everyone in their church to attend a church leadership conference in Dallas once a year. You can even have people pay their way…they will enjoy hanging out with other leaders from the church.
  6. Use Train Your Team videos in your team meetings or share the videos with volunteer leaders so they can watch on their own. It will help people learn how to lead themselves, lead other people, and lead projects.

Imagine the impact in your church if every single leader got better.

You don’t need a large staff or a bus full of leaders. Start with what you have and invite a few people into the process. Before you worry about drawing a fancy leadership pipeline, get intentional about building into a few leaders using tools that are available to you right now.

The Ultimate Leadership Development Tool

One thing we’ve noticed about leaders in the church is they typically crave training. Leaders love opportunities to get better and develop their skills. Yet too many churches don’t provide any leadership training to their people.

This resource will help you:

  • Learn how to lead yourself because it starts with you!
  • Lead others so your church can thrive on strong leadership for decades
  • Lead projects so nothing or no one gets lost in translation

With Train Your Team, you can invite some of the top leadership coaches right into your team meetings. Or you can share the videos with your staff, elders and leaders and they can watch on their own schedule.

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