The Senior Pastor's Guide to Stewardship

Does talking about money in church make you feel uncomfortable?

The Senior Pastor’s Guide to Stewardship is an insanely practical e-book that will help you navigate how to talk about money in church without feeling awkward.


  • How to Break the Stuck Mindset
  • Why People Aren’t Giving
  • How to Increase Giving in Your Church
  • How to Talk About Money in the Church
  • Keeping Giving Consistent During the “Off” Months

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“I didn’t realize that I was so pigeonholed in my whole thinking of how churches are supposed to operate until I was exposed to the resources. I realized that there’s a different way to do this. And a better way to do this.”



You'll find these Key Actions woven throughout each of our resources


In an ever-changing world, have an impact on culture—and people. So that they can impact others.


Empower your congregation to participate in deeper belonging by giving freely and with purpose.


Build and support discipleship by organizing, training, and empowering your team.

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There are resources you have now that you can steward well and use to grow your church without having to wait.

What can you do now with the resources (financial and otherwise) that God has given you?