What to Do the Week After Easter

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What to Do the Week After Easter

It’s the week after Easter and you work at a church.

You just went through a busy season of planning and execution.  

What should you do this week to capitalize on what God did this past Sunday? First, take some time off. Spend time with your family. Take some time out of the office to reflect. You just worked through a busy season, so give your soul some time.

But when you do get back to the office, we suggest you start with two words.

Follow up.

Make the week after easter about follow-up – following up with those who attended, those who donated money, those who made decisions, and those who served.

Here are a few ideas on how to follow up with those four groups of people

1.  Follow up with attenders.

If you’ve written a form letter and are planning to send a copy to every guest, stop the presses. You don’t read form letters – guests who visit your church won’t either. Instead, send a personal, hand-written thank you note. Include a very small card with your website address, or a little bit of information about the next message series, but make your follow-up personal.

If you had a bunch of guests, get your staff, youth group, volunteer team, or family to write these all at one time. In a day filled with emails, Facebook messages, and social media posts, hand-written notes really stand out and make a difference.

2.  Follow up with donors.

People who gave to your church didn’t’ make a financial decision – they made a spiritual one. Jesus said our money and heart are connected, and whether they wrote a big check or gave $5, a first-time gift to a church is a big deal. And you need to say thanks.

This is something you should do all throughout the year, and the week after Easter is a great time to start. If you're a Church Fuel member, you'll find editable thank you card templates for donors, guests, and volunteers in the Resource Library.

3.  Follow up with decisions.

If someone made a decision to follow Jesus, you need to act quickly to give them the next step. But be careful…don’t load people down with options and action steps. What’s the ONE THING you want people to do? Whether it’s get baptized, join a small group or sign up for a class, you need a very clear action step for people who make decisions to follow Jesus. Send them ONE THING to do.

If you captured contact information, call them. Make your follow-up as personal and as personalized as possible. The days after someone takes a step of faith are crucial in the discipleship process.

4.  Say thanks to volunteers.

Don’t forget to thank all of the people who gave their time to make Easter weekend happen. There are volunteers who didn’t hear the message because they were serving families. You have greeters who served in multiple services. You have people who didn’t go to their mom’s church so they could serve.

Too many times, we think since we can’t send a significant gift card to everyone, we can’t send it to anyone. But volunteers like it when other volunteers are recognized and appreciated.

Say thanks, and make sure it's specific. Carve out a significant amount of time to write thank-you notes and thank people for what they did. Remind them they didn’t watch babies, but they made it possible for people to hear about Jesus. Write a blog post or send an email to your entire church database highlighting the specific service of three or four volunteers.

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