“Right Now” Church Docs

18 Timely Resources for When Plans Change

While our mission remains the same, our plans have changed. We looked through all of our insanely practical resources to find the most relevant and most helpful and updated them specifically for ministry in the time of COVID-19.

These documents are hyper-relevant and ready for you to use right now as you adjust your plans.

Each document has been specifically chosen because it’s relevant to your ministry operations right now, and are updated to reflect our current reality. Use them right out of the box or make edits to them as you see fit for your church's specific needs.

Livestream Checklist

Online Service Evaluation Form

12 Emails You Can Send Your Church

Benevolence Policy

Monthly Financial Report

Cash Flow Planning Tool

Ministry Action Plan

Church Budget Template

Children's Sermon Note Template

Online Pastor Job Description

Volunteer Coordinator Job Description

Online Community Manager Job Description

Small Group Pastor Job Description

Worship Leader Job Description

Personal Growth Plan

One Page Job Description

Donor Update Email

Virtual Small Group Leader Guidelines

Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for serving the church with practical resources to fulfill the Great Commission. I'm the executive pastor of a small and growing church in rural NC, and your resources are an encouragement to me. Be encouraged; you're not running the race in vain.


Pastor, The Gathering Church

Don't start with a blank page.


With more than ever on your plate, these documents will help you quickly organize the most important aspects of your church.


Download the original versions, add your logo, and edit to suit your church needs.


Help people get on the same page by creating an actual page. Alignment and effectiveness follow clarity.

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